School Shows 2017/2018

 2017/2018 School Shows


The ArtsCenter is proud to present a season full of exciting and curriculum-relevant shows designed to help schools further integrate the arts into their classrooms. In-school shows as well as field trip opportunities are available.


 Soul Street Dance Company (3 show choices – options for grades K-12)
September 25-29, 2017                                        

No Bones About It (grades K-5): These impressive dancers exhibit how the human body accomplishes seemingly super-human leaps and bounds. The dancers reveal how signals from the brain tell muscles to stretch or contract allowing our bodies to move the way we want them to.
Breakin’ Back to School (grades 1-12): Where bustin’ moves take on decades past. Four male street dancers perform their special contemporary mix of choreography to the popular music of the decades…ranging from Vivaldi to Michael Jackson.
Takin’ it to the Streets (grades 1-12): Catch the excitement of Street Dance, as these energetic dancers demonstrate its varied styles, discussing the distinctive features and origins of each. This inspirational group of young men, formerly considered at risk, found focus through dance and are now working as professionals. They take students on a high-flying participatory trip from Brazil’s Capoeira to New York’s break dance.
Curriculum Connections: Performing Arts, History, Multicultural Themes
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Children’s Theatre of Charlotte (2 show choices – options for grades K-8)
October 16-20, 2017

Mr. Popper’s Penguins (grades K-5) is the delightful story from the classic children’s book, but it has
lessons for all of us. Motivational themes will show young audiences how hard work and persistent dedication pays off. The show leaves students inspired to have faith in tomorrow, even if you stumble today.
The Imaginators (grades 3-8) is an excellent script that translates beautifully to the stage. It teaches the importance of “playing” and “using your imagination” even if it doesn’t seem cool, and emphasizes how important it is to “like yourself” before worrying if others like you.
Curriculum Connections: Performing Arts, Character Education
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Bilingual Songs with Mister G (appropriate for grades PreK-5)
DATE CHANGE: October 31-November 7, 2017

Mister G, a recent Latin Grammy winner, has traveled throughout Latin America gathering inspiration for his original bilingual children’s songs. In this multicultural program, he seamlessly weaves together Spanish and English lyrics to create irresistible tunes that are both catchy and educational. Using call and response techniques, Mister G encourages children to sing along and interact with him throughout the program.
Curriculum Connections: Spanish Language, Music Education, Multicultural Themes, Language Arts
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Donna Washington: Multicultural Folktales from Anansi to Zeus (appropriate for grades K-8)
January 8-12, 2018

Donna Washington presents a wide range of tales from many different cultures that can be mixed and matched to make a set appropriate for your school’s needs. Donna provides a fast paced, interactive program that will excite your students about reading, biological sciences, the art of performance, and cultural differences and similarities. Her tales will enhance the study of ancient Greece, the African American experience in America, West African folklore, China and the Appalachian Mountains.
Curriculum Connections: Multicultural Themes, Literacy, Language Arts, History, Character Education
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Hobey Ford’s Golden Rod Puppets: Migration (appropriate for grades K-6)
February 5-9, 2018

Migration is the story of Beatriz, a girl who journeys with her family from her home near Mexico City to the US. Hobey Ford turns to the natural world of animals to explore the wonders of migration as they are learned through the eyes of a child making her own migratory journey. Hobey’s animal “Foamies” are performed behind a projection of original animated scenes, taking the audience along with Beatriz on the journey of these incredible creatures. Hobey performs in full view as storyteller, puppeteer & animator in a seamless and almost hypnotic dance between the puppeteer, puppets & original artistic scenery.
Curriculum Connections: Literary Arts, Storytelling, Theater, Visual Arts, Science, Multicultural Themes
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Ken Waldman: Alaska’s Fiddling Poet (appropriate for grades K-5)
March 19-23, 2018

“Alaska’s Fiddling Poet” is a former Creative Writing professor who has found his calling in performing for children all around the country. While his specialty is writing, programs also include lessons in geography, math, critical thinking, and music. Ken’s program invites the audience to work collaboratively with him to create poetry about their everyday thoughts and actions, and then sets the poetry to music in an exciting fiddling performance.
Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Music Education
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Galumpha (appropriate for grades K-8)
April 9-13, 2018

Combining stunning acrobatics, striking visual effects, physical comedy and inventive choreography, Galumpha brings to life a world of imagination, beauty, muscle and merriment. The three performers create images ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime, drawn together into a seamless whole, consistently bringing audiences to their feet. Galumpha is a triumphant mix of art and entertainment, offering world-class choreography that is exciting for audiences of all ages!
Curriculum Connections: Performing Arts
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Please submit your booking requests for in-school performances using the form below. Filling out the booking request form does not guarantee the performance or time you requested. School Show staff will contact you to finalize your reservation. Booking requests received prior to May 29 will be given scheduling priority. Requests made after May 29 will be filled based on remaining performer availability.


Field Trips
Most artists listed above will also host a school performance at The ArtsCenter. If you are interested in booking a field trip to The ArtsCenter, stay tuned for dates, pricing, and reservation information here in mid-August 2017. Field trip reservations will be handled separately from in-school bookings, and sold at a per-ticket rate.



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