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Little Campers
(K-1st grade)
AM/PM/Full Day
(2nd-6th unless otherwise noted)
9 AM-Noon
(2nd-6th unless otherwise noted)
1-4 PM
Summer Youth Workshops
7th-12th grade
June 12-16 Patterns of the World AM
Patterns of the World PM
Let’s Make a Play A (2 weeks)
Cartooning & Comics A FULL
Beginning Sewing A (gr. 4-6)
Ceramics A (2 weeks) FULL
Mixed Media Explorations A
Handbuilding A FULL
Abstract Art A (gr. 4-6) 2 spots left!
Beginning Sewing B (gr. 2-3) FULL
Graphic Novels (AM)
Adobe Photoshop (AM)
Hiphop Dance (PM)
Digital Photo A (PM) FULL
June 19-23 Exploring Textured Art AM
Exploring Textured Art PM
Drawing Techniques A
Digital Arts A (gr. 4-6) 2 spots left!
Beginning Knitting A (gr. 3-6)
Fabric & Fiber Arts A
Beginning Sewing C (gr. 2-3) FULL
Painting Techniques A (gr. 4-6)
Intro to Watercolor (AM) 1 spot left!
Darkroom Photo A (AM)
Elements of Acting A (PM)
Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting (PM)
Blogging & Website Design (PM)
June 26-30 Inspired by Sound AM
Inspired by Sound PM
Painting Techniques B
Fabric & Fiber Arts B (gr. 2-4)
Fiction Writing A (gr. 4-6) 1 spot left!
Digital Arts B (gr. 4-6)
Intermediate Sewing A (gr. 3-6) FULL
Ceramics B (2 weeks) FULL
Puppets & Masks A
Hiphop Dance A
Handbuilding B
Digital Arts C (gr. 4-6) 2 spots left!
Darkroom Photo A (gr. 3-6)
Elements of Acting B (AM)
Intro to Sewing (PM) 2 spots left!
July 3* MiniCamp AM
MiniCamp PM
MiniCamp AM
MiniCamp PM
MiniCamp AM
MiniCamp PM
MiniCamp AM
MiniCamp PM
July 5-7* Color: Mixing & Matching AM
Color: Mixing & Matching PM
Contemporary Art A
Elements of Acting A (gr. 2-4)
Painting Techniques C (gr. 2-4)
Creative Self Portraits A (gr. 4-6)
Digital Photo A (gr. 4-6)
Drawing Techniques B
Improv Acting A (gr. 3-6)
Mixed Media Collage A
Beginning Knitting B (gr. 3-6)
Beginning Sewing D (gr. 4-6)
Intro to Knitting (AM) 2 spots left!
Digital Collage (PM)
July 10-14 3D Art: Construction & Sculpture AM FULL
3D Art: Construction & Sculpture PM
Let’s Make a Play B (2 weeks)
Cartooning & Comics B FULL
Digital Photo B (gr. 4-6) FULL
Beginning Knitting C (gr. 3-6) FULL
Ceramics C (2 weeks) FULL
Painting & Drawing Techniques A
Intro to Dance A
Handbuilding C
Intermediate Sewing B (gr. 3-6) FULL
Darkroom Photo B (gr. 3-6) 1 spot left!
Zines Workshop (AM)
Improv Acting A (PM)
Adobe Photoshop B (PM) 2 spots left!
July 17-21 Art of Nature: Plants & Animals AM FULL
Art of Nature: Plants & Animals PM
 Fabric & Fiber Arts C
Abstract Art B (gr. 2-4) FULL
Beginning Knitting D (gr. 3-6) FULL
Darkroom Photo C (gr. 3-6) FULL
Painting & Drawing Techniques B
Hiphop Dance B FULL
Beat Making A (gr. 4-6)
Beginning Sewing E (gr. 2-3) FULL
Digital Photo B (AM) FULL
Advanced Drawing (PM) FULL
July 24-28 Drawing & Painting with Shapes AM FULL
Drawing & Painting with Shapes PM
Drawing Techniques C FULL
Wearable Art A (gr. 4-6)
Digital Photo C (gr. 2-4) FULL
Advanced Sewing A (gr. 4-6) FULL
Ceramics D (2 weeks) FULL
Mixed Media Explorations B
Hiphop Dance C
Handbuilding D 1 spot left!
Beginning Sewing F (gr. 4-6) FULL
Improv Acting B (AM)
Handbuilding & Sculpture (AM)
Writing for the Stage (PM)
Metal Jewelry Crafting A (PM) FULL
July 31-August 4 Fabric & Fiber Art AM FULL
Fabric & Fiber Art PM
Contemporary Art B
Hiphop Dance D FULL
Digital Arts D (gr. 4-6) FULL
Beginning Knitting E (gr. 3-6) FULL
Cartooning & Comics C
Elements of Acting B (gr. 2-4)
Handbuilding E 1 spot left!
Beginning Sewing G (gr. 4-6) FULL
Painting Techniques D (gr. 4-6)
 Fiction Writing (AM)
Darkroom Photo B (AM)
Digital Music Production (PM) 1 spot left!
Metal Jewelry Crafting B (PM) FULL
August 7-11 Design with Paper AM FULL
Design with Paper PM
Let’s Make a Play C (2 weeks) 2 spots left!
Painting & Drawing Nature
Fabric & Fiber Arts D (gr. 4-6) FULL
Digital Photo D (gr. 2-4) FULL
Advanced Sewing B (gr. 4-6)
Ceramics E (2 weeks) FULL
Puppets & Masks B
Intro to Dance B
Improv Acting B (gr. 3-6)
Handbuilding F FULL
Digital Arts E (gr. 4-6) 2 spots left!
Beginning Sewing H (gr. 4-6) 2 spots left!
August 14-18 Water Based Media AM
Water Based Media PM
Mixed Media Explorations C FULL
Beginning Knitting F (gr. 3-6) FULL
Fiction Writing B (gr. 4-6) FULL
Beginning Sewing I (gr. 2-3) FULL
Drawing Techniques D
Elements of Acting C (gr. 4-6) 1 spot left!
Painting Techniques E (gr. 2-4)
Wearable Art B (gr. 2-4)
Beat Making B (gr. 4-6) FULL
Intermediate Sewing C (gr. 3-6) FULL
Darkroom Photo D (gr. 3-6) FULL
August 21-25 A Universe of Art AM
A Universe of Art PM
Painting & Drawing Techniques C
Improv Acting C (gr. 3-6)
Mixed Media Collage B
Digital Photo E (gr. 4-6)
Beginning Sewing J (gr. 2-3) FULL
Abstract Art C (gr. 4-6)
Creative Self Portraits B (gr. 2-4)
Dance & Percussion
Handbuilding G
Digital Arts F (gr. 4-6)
Intermediate Sewing D (gr. 3-6)
Wheelthrowing Workshop



IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION: For Online Registrations you can only purchase camp(s) for ONE child during each transaction. You need to purchase all camps for your first child on the form linked above, complete the transaction, and then begin a new form for your second child. You MAY purchase MULTIPLE CAMPS FOR THE SAME CAMPER in one transaction. Please double-check that you are selecting the correct camp dates and times of day before submitting the form. We apologize for any inconvenience.