Jul 6 Mon
2014-06 Gold Sun and Moon Runner-14
AF111B. Fabric & Fiber Arts B (rising grades 2-6) (9 AM-Noon)

Start Date: Mon, July 6 - 9:00 am
End Date: Fri, July 10 - 12:00 pm

Instructor: Sarah Shapero

Session B- Monday, July 6—Friday, July 10- 9:00 AM – Noon


There are so many possibilities for art made with fabric and fiber! Campers will use fabric as a medium and a canvas, learning dyeing, fabric collage, and clothing modification. With fiber, we’ll transform wool into creative objects through the process of felting, and weave tapestries of our own design.


One-Week ArtsFocus $150 Public……………….$140 ArtsCenter Friends



Lunchtime supervision provided for all campers at no additional charge. Extended Care (7:30-9  AM) may be added to AM camps for $20/week or $4/day, and Extended Care (4-5:30 PM) may be added to PM camps for $20/week or $4/day.  Enrollment for Extended Care is available on the first day of each week. Contact  jhollars@ArtsCenterLive.org with questions about summer programs.