Thursday, January 25

Ira Knight Presents: Martin Luther King, An Interpretation (Co-sponsored by Harvard Club of the Research Triangle)

$20 Public

7:00 pm

An original, unique and thought-provoking 1-man interpretation of the many facets of Martin Luther King, Jr., including the complex human side of him. This is not imitation and mimicry, but an inspiring work that the man himself would respect and be proud of. An informative perspective that brings the man to life – from the realm of mythical icon and subject of 1 day in January to a real live human being. These performances have touched audiences from high school to age 85.


NOTE: AUDIENCE TALKBACK/DISCUSSION and FREE RECEPTION (hosted by Harvard Club of the Research Triangle) follows performance.


*** This installment from Ira Knight, a leader in the “Bridge and Mirror” category of theater is currently touring college and university campuses.




“It took my breathe away!… The world needs to see this play”


“As a lifelong fan of Martin Luther King, Jr…This interpretation is …unique and refreshing…food for the soul … encouragement…” —CF


“… I must say that I had yet to see a portrayal that conveys the flesh and blood human parts of MLK…until I saw this play” —CEB



Preview – Independent Weekly Magazine (Byron Woods):