Saturday, May 27

Ira Knight Presents: Martin Luther King, An Interpretation (Featuring John Ivey)

$10 Public

8:00 pm

An original, unique and thought-provoking 1-man interpretation of the many facets of Martin Luther King, Jr., including the complex human side of him.  This is not imitation and mimicry, but  an inspiring work that the man himself would respect and be proud of.  Q & A discussion, with actor and playwright, immediately following performance.


DATES: (8:00 PM – Saturdays –  All Shows)
January 28, February 11, March 18, April 29, May 27, June 24




“It took my breathe away!… The world needs to see this play”


“As a lifelong fan of Martin Luther King, Jr…This interpretation is …unique and refreshing…food for the soul … encouragement…” —CF


“… I must say that I had yet to see a portrayal that conveys the flesh and blood human parts of MLK…until I saw this play” —CEB


This 6 month Performance Residency is underwritten by an anonymous benefactor in attendance for the November 2016 premiere performances.  After speaking with the playwright and director, the donor insisted that, “…THIS WORK MUST CONTINUE!” — resulting in 1 Saturday performance each month, January – June, 2017.  Please come out and be a part of this experience as it takes root and grows —share this with your colleagues and friends.


Preview – Independent Weekly Magazine (Byron Woods):