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Friday, June 2

Lost In Yonkers (presented by One Song)

$12 Public, $9 Student

7:30 pm

Lost In Yonkers
Written by Neil Simon
Co-directed by Thomas Cassidy and Eddie Woodhouse


Debt-ridden father Eddie Kurnitz is forced to drop his two kids, Jay and Arty, at their grandmother’s house in Yonkers. While he goes across the country looking for work, the boys must get accustomed to their surroundings and hopefully make some money for their dad. Unfortunately, Grandma Kurnitz has a very specific way of doing things, and her strict personality has been a form of torment that has shaped every one of her children. Aunt Gert still flinches at her mother’s very presence. Aunt Bella is a little childish but lives with Grandma to help out in her candy store. Uncle Louie, a gang henchman, hides out from mob villains in the house. This Kurnitz family reunion will be playing at The ArtsCenter June 2nd, 3rd and 4th! One Song Productions is entirely run by local high school students.