Friday, March 3

Transactors Improv

$15 Public, $12 Senior, $10 Student

8:00 pm

Transactors Improv continues their tradition of an annual Love Show with Love Is All Around at The ArtsCenter, March 3. This year’s edition focuses on all sorts of love and not only on the romantic variety.


The two-act show will be made up of several episodes based on audience suggestions about what we love. It could be love of a person, a place, a thing, a memory, or something entirely different. Crispy Bess provides musical accompaniment for the show on the world’s most beloved instrument, the accordion.


“We Transactors love doing shows about love because the emotions and stakes run so high,” says director Greg Hohn. “This year we decided to broaden the scope of the Love Show. In these troubling times we could all benefit from sharing our love.


“And ‘Love Is All Around’ was also the theme song for The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which had a big impact on many of us in the company and also featured alumni of The Second City improv theater. Both Mary Tyler Moore and her most famous character, Mary Richards, were lovely people who excelled at spreading love instead of hostility. So our show is kind of a tribute to Mary although we don’t intend to recreate her show.”


The cast for Love Is All Around includes Anoo Brod, Greg Hohn, Juliet Kaplan, Bart Hubbard, Steve Scott, Steven Warnock, and Jane Allen Wilson. Crispy Bess provides accordion accompaniment and Mike beard handles lights and sound.


For more information on Transactors Improv, please visit or call 919-824-0937.


Transactors Improv: If you laugh we’re doing comedy; if you don’t we’re doing drama.


About Transactors Improv
Transactors Improv is the longest-running improvisational theater in the south. Their work focuses on emotion, physicality, character, commitment, teamwork, and fun.


The company formed in 1983 at The ArtsSchool in Carrboro, N.C., as a children’s theater. Much of its work was scripted, but over time the group metamorphosed into a professional touring company performing improvisational theater for audiences of all ages.


Transactors Improv performs primarily in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill and has appeared coast to coast and from Florida to Canada. The company has been heard on National Public Radio and the Canadian Broadcasting Co. Transactors Improv also teaches people of all ages in a wide variety of venues, from corporations and colleges to elementary schools and arts camps.


Members of Transactors Improv have had the opportunity to study individually and collectively with the leading lights of improv, including Groundlings founder Gary Austin, Joe Bill, Del Close, Martin de Maat, Charna Halpern of iO, Keith Johnstone, Annoyance Theater’s Mick Napier, Second City, Paul Sills, and Mark Sutton.


Learn more about Transactors Improv here: Transactors Improv Company