Saturday, March 11

Transactors Improv: For Families!

$10 Public, $8 Senior, $6 Child

6:00 pm

In this family show Transactors will explore the world of fantasy. Think crystal balls, magic wands, and fun or creepy spells. An improv scene where people can fly and dogs can talk? Who knows? It’s up to you and your imagination as we improvise scenes based on your suggestions.


The cast includes director Anoo Tree Brod, Bart Hubbard, and Steven Warnock.


This 45-minute performance features short-form improv – individual scenes running 5-10 minutes and based on audience suggestions.


Everything is made up on the spot, and the content is appropriate for children and adults… and adults who act like children.


Transactors has a long history of entertaining audiences of all ages. The company originated as a children’s theater and has performed in schools throughout the southeast.


For more information on Transactors improv visit transactors.org