Past Exhibits


June: Lisa Bartell (Nicholson Gallery), Lyudmila Tomova (ArtsCenter Corridor)

May: Pierce Boshelly (Nicholson Gallery), Lisa Parrott (ArtsCenter Corridor)

April: Youth Community Project Group Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Jason Abide and students’ work (ArtsCenter Corridor)

March: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Student Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), ArtsCenter Afterschool Immersion student work (ArtsCenter Corridor)

February: Peter Anderson, Juliana Rodriguez (ArtsCenter Corridor)

January:  Constance Pappalardo & Erin Oliver (Nicholson Gallery), Claire Drysdale (ArtsCenter Corridor)



December: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Community Art Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Amy Keenan-Amago (ArtsCenter Corridor)

November: Chatham Artists Guild (Nicholson Gallery), Susan Ford (ArtsCenter Corridor)

October: Laura Berendsen Hughes (Nicholson Gallery), Matthew Ford (ArtsCenter Corridor)

September: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Instructor Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Robert Votta (ArtsCenter Corridor)

August: The ArtsCenter’s Community Art Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Nancy Smith (ArtsCenter Corridor)

July: We’re All in This Together Paperhand Puppet‘s  (Nicholson Gallery), Kendal Brown (ArtsCenter Corridor)

June: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Art Auction (Nicholson Gallery), People and Places by Joel Gendelman (ArtsCenter Corridor)

May: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Community Photography Contest (Nicholson Gallery), Brushes with Life (ArtsCenter Corridor)

April: Horizon Lines Peter Wilkie (Nicholson Gallery), Fab Bianchi (ArtsCenter Corridor)

March: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Student Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Orange County Partnership for Young Children (ArtsCenter Corridor)

February: BOOM! presented by Jphono1 (Nicholson Gallery), Jillian Dickson (ArtsCenter Corridor)

January: Mind the Gap Grayson Bowen (Nicholson Gallery), Amanda Charest (ArtsCenter Corridor)




December: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Community Art Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Sharon Stevens (ArtsCenter Corridor)

November: The Newcomers Club of Chapel Hill (Nicholson Gallery), Anna Crawford Gem Inspired (ArtsCenter Corridor)

October: We Are the Music Makers! (Nicholson Gallery), Selected Works by Moriah LeFebvre (2010-2014) (ArtsCenter Corridor)

September: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Instructor Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Donna Stubbs Estranged Family Tree (ArtsCenter Corridor)

August: Jason Abide, Sarah Savanna Roach, Matt Smith, Amanda Barr, and Laura Korch  All Manner of Life

July: Paperhand Puppet Intervention Seeing the Ancient: A Paperhand Retrospective

June: Mezzanine Mezzmerizd

May: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Community Photography Contest

April: Lynn Bregman BlassSteven Silverleaf, and Carol Retsch-Bogart Explorations of Surface and Color Within the Tradition of Painting 

March: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Student Exhibit

February: Michael Polomik The Piercing Gaze of Royalty

January: Roger Kellison Photographs & Collage 



November & December: The ArtsCenter’s 2nd Annual Community Art Exhibit

October: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Faculty Exhibit

September: North Carolina Textiles: The Fabric of a State

August: Deneé Black Urban Perspectives

July: Paperhand Puppet‘s Pageant of Possibilities

June: Rob Amberg Madison County — Past and Present: Photographs by Rob Amberg

May: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Community Photo Contest

April: Jason Abide and Matt Smith 2 Birds

March: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Student Exhibit

February: Matthew Pfahlert Death of Cool: Poster Art of Matt Pfahlert

January: Jason Craighead Gesture