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Nathalie Worthington painting en plein

Nathalie’s art education began at the Cleveland Museum of Art at age five. Her family recognized that her favorite past time was drawing and painting, and encouraged her passionate interest in art. Sketching and making art using any medium became a focus for her life. She studied painting at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, TN, and the Arts Center in St. Petersburg,

She tells of a daunting artistic challenge when she was a teenager, contemplating the forest next to her home. “How can I express the view of all these trees with light filtering through their infinite numbers of leaves — how can anyone possibly express this detail in a painting!” Her answer came quickly as she discovered the Impressionist painters. She recalls finding “The Age of Impressionism” With an impressionistic approach to her paintings, her style became a combination of realism and impressionism.


Nathalie’s paintings are included in many private and public collections internationally. She has exhibited her work in numerous one woman and group shows.


The precious beauty of nature, from woods to ocean, farms and their inhabitants, and scenic vistas, suggests a presence that Nathalie endeavors to show in her paintings. Sometimes the landscapes whisper from an inner source and a very personal “soul scape” emerges.


“Something I see resonates with me and a plan for a painting begins to take shape. The initial inspiration is so compelling that a feeling of focus takes over and surrender to the immediate process leads the way. The finished image is numinous, and I’m in the present moment allowing a careful drawing to take shape. Colors dance between dark and light as the composition holds them in their myriad transformations. Brush strokes, accent of depth and meaning, all dance as the painting comes to life. With colors fusing, and shapes defining, I engage in a process of devoted, joy-filled effort. As the painting nears completion, my critical eye passes slowly over each inch and the finishing touches complete the story of that initial inspiration.”


Nathalie has generously donated an original painting to The ArtsCenter’s Silent Auction, on display throughout the month of June in the Nicholson Gallery.  To place a bid for this work, visit our box office  or call us at (919) 929-2787.  Bids starting at $35 will be accepted until 5PM on June 28th.

Nathalie Worthington - Red Velvet

Nathalie Worthington – Red Velvet

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