Jason Abide teaching ceramics at The ArtsCenter

Jason Abide teaching ceramics at The ArtsCenter

Jason Abide has been learning and making pottery since about 2002. His first experience with pottery was at Delta State University, in Cleveland, Mississippi. He learned an appreciation for well made pottery through a fascination with the process for making it, particularly the potter’s wheel. He finds the transformations that clay undergoes, and the different possibilities for creation and alteration in each phase to be fascinating and inspiring. He endeavors to share his enthusiasm for this medium and this craft through the pottery he makes and the classes he teaches for children and adults. His pottery is called Really Pretty Cardinals and can be found at www.reallyprettycardinals.com.


“When the Buddhist monks were at the ArtsCenter in 2014, I was in the midst of making a large body of work in the pottery studio. They were often around and I found myself expecting a positive reaction from them towards my work (they took no special notice). Later I found myself reflecting on why I expected a reaction, I think it is because the execution of the processes for the creation of my work is like a meditation for me. It is a meditation on the process itself, it yields new ideas for changes to the process. New avenues and pathways for exploration. Endlessly branching and seemingly infinite.”


Jason has generously donated 2 original stoneware pieces to The ArtsCenter’s Silent Auction, on display throughout the month of June in the Nicholson Gallery.  To place a bid for these works of art, visit our box office  or call us at (919) 929-2787.  Bids starting at $25 per piece will be accepted until 5PM on June 28th.

Jason Abide - Panther Burn

Jason Abide – Panther Burn

Exploring the infinite through functional pottery.

Jason Abide – Jar

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