Hi, all AfterSchool Arts Immersion parents and guardians!   

As November rolls along, we wanted to write another post with a couple of reminders about our dates of operation, as well as some extra info about our artists and daily programming! 

AfterSchool Arts Immersion (AAI) is almost halfway over for 2021-2022. This month, our programming has a few breaks, including: 

  • Thursday, November 11th – this holiday is a MiniCamp day at AAI. Pre-registration is required with our max capacity of 20 students. Note: this MiniCamp is full. 
  • The week of Monday, November 22nd through Friday, November 26th – this week, AAI will not occur at all. Please do not try to bring your students!  
  • Normal programming will resume Monday, November 29th. 

For the last two weeks in October, our artist in residence was Maria Piskor. She led the kids through a series of contraption planning, editing, and executing. Together they built bridges, towers, cities, and Rube Goldberg machines. For the next three weeks, our artist in residence is Larissa Wood. She is working on picture books with the kids; they will be designing their own books, creating everything from characters and imagery to structure and plot. The residence is officially titled, “Writing and Illustrating Picture Books”.