What do you like to do for fun when you’re not making Art?

Traveling and exploring and learning about new cultural sites, meeting new people, and cooking and enjoying a good meal with some friends.

What artistic achievement are you most proud?

Creating ceramic pieces that are inspired by my multicultural upbringing and by being an art enabler to my students, friends and kids.

What is your favorite thing about teaching at the ArtsCenter?

Teaching and broadening kids’ horizons in a rich art environment that will spark their creativity, their confidence, and will continue to bloom throughout their lives.


Mirna’s Bio

Mirna Ferreira has been immersed in the arts from a young age through the exposure of her mother who was gifted in repurposing ordinary objects into treasured pieces. She studied foreign languages in college and can speak five fluently. She also studied Latin American and French literature. As an artist she has travelled to and lived in many different countries around the world and this helped her understand the diversity and complexities of different cultures and societies. Mirna was introduced to ceramics in 2007 where she instantly fell in love. She sources her inspiration after her mother from her endless pursuit in the arts and from ceramic artists during her visits to Mediterranean countries and South America that provided her with a fresh take on tapestries, tiles, mosaic, metalworking and weaving. She is currently a Ceramic Assistant for the Open Studio at the ArtsCenter, and teaches Art to Youth. Mirna has the passion to teach ceramic designs and mixed media to young kids in the art community of Carrboro/Chapel Hill, while being open to new artistic expressions of creating pottery.