Ceramics Open Studio

Experienced potters who have taken a Ceramics class at The ArtsCenter are eligible to sign up for the Ceramics Open Studio to continue working on their craft.

ArtsCenter members receive 15% off the cost of open studio! All ArtSchool registrations have a $3 processing fee added upon check-out.

Buy a 30-Day Ceramics Open Studio Pass


Open Studio includes one bag of clay. Additional clay can be purchased for $25/bag.




WEDNESDAYS 10am – 4pm

FRIDAYS 9am – 9pm

SATURDAYS 10am – 4pm

SUNDAYS 1pm – 7pm

Ceramics Studio Rules & Regulations

This community studio is based on respect, teamwork, and a shared love of ceramics.

We are pleased that you have joined the studio; realize that in doing so you are taking ownership in the comfortable atmosphere, cleanliness, and overall functioning of the studio as a community resource. It’s important for you to observe the following rules, as any violation may result in a loss of privileges for both classes and open studio.

We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to ask the assistant on duty for further clarification or email studio coordinator at claycoordinators@gmail.com.

  • Open studio hours are located on the bulletin boards or at this online calendar and are subject to change
  • Sign-in each time you come to open studio; print both your first and last name; if you are in a class write down your instructor’s name or if you purchased open studio, write ‘open studio.’
  • Everyone who signs up for open studio MUST have taken at least one ceramics class at the ArtsCenter
  • If you purchased open studio, make sure to bring your open studio card/receipt with you to the studio and give it to the assistant on duty
  • The purchase of monthly open studio covers only the work you can create & complete within that month
  • The purchase of one open studio entitles only one person to work in the studio during that month
  • Open studio patrons must be 18 years and older
  • Adults picking up finished work outside of class time, should do so during open studio hours only
  • Children taking classes are permitted to pick up their finished work outside of class time as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Kids work is stored in the hallway outside of the studio.
  • Start cleanup at least 20 minutes before the studio closes; you should be totally cleaned up by class or open studio end time.
  • No new work is allowed on the last night of a class
  • The purchase of a class includes the privilege of open studio in order to practice what was taught in class
  • A two-week grace period is allowed after a class is complete in order to finish (trimming or glazing) items started in class. No new work is allowed to be made during this grace period. We will revoke this grace period if we see any new work started.
  • No outside clay or glazes allowed, underglazes (cone 05) allowed with permission of studio coordinator
  • No admittance to the studio outside of class or posted open studio hours
  • Wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty; certain clays or glazes may stain
  • One 25 lb. bag of clay comes with each class or open studio monthly session
  • Additional clay costs $20 per bag (pay with cash, credit card, or check at the box office)
  • No foreign objects allowed to be fired in clay without permission of the studio coordinator
  • No glazes, slips, tools or ArtsCenter equipment of any kind should be removed from the studio
  • We do not have the facilities to accommodate production work (in this case the definition of production is high-volume work). More than 25 mug sized pieces per month is considered production and is not allowed
  • Please take your finished work home with you within 30 days
  • Abandoned, dried out or not labeled pieces will be discarded after 30 days
  • Regular studio purges occur at least 4 times per year, everything must be taken home during a purge
  • Treat the people, studio, and equipment with care and respect and kindness
  • Help each other out and be nice; please do not offer criticism unless it is asked for
  • Be considerate of others work, do not touch, move or bump work that does not belong to you
  • Bring your own tools and towel each time you come to the studio (wash your towel regularly)
  • Please do not use the tools located on the shelves around the studio- they are the personal property of assistants and teachers
  • Help to conserve water-  wipe down splash pan with water off, turn it back on for the final rinse
  • After use, everything needs to be cleaned and returned to its correct place
  • Clean as you go, always make sure your last wipe is with a clean wringed-out sponge
  • No ‘holding’ of pottery wheel while you work on something else
  • If you are done in one area, do not move to another without cleaning up first
  • Place purses/jackets on door hooks, not on counters or table
  • After you are done on the wheel, clean wheel, splash pan, table, wheel legs, chair, water bucket
  • Turn off and unplug wheel by the plug (don’t pull the cord)- unless someone is waiting
  • Place pedal, cord, and stool on top of wheel, wipe down floor around your wheel with sponge
  • Place clay scraps & slip/slop in recycle bucket; nothing from the floor or sink goes in the recycle bucket. Put it in the trash instead.
  • Rinse out any sponges you’ve used and put them away clean
  • Make sure to label all of your tools with a marker, lost and found is located on shelf above the scales
  • Make sure ALL clay and greenware is labeled with your name & date on masking tape
  • Make sure all greenware is signed on the bottom before putting on the ‘to-be bisqued’ shelf
  • Cover and clearly label & date any greenware and place on appropriate shelves (excluding kids work)
  • Work or clay not properly labeled may be discarded
  • Open studio greenware shelves are in the hallway across from the main studio door
  • Open studio clay shelves are behind the hallway door and in the back hallway
  • Class shelves are in the wheel room, marked by your class ; clay should go in back hallway
  • No storage space is currently available; please take tools/towels/etc. home with you
  • We fire 3 Skutt electric kilns to cone 5 oxidation for glazing
  • We do not do any single firings- all work must be bisque fired first
  • Gloves and masks are located in the glaze room if needed- please use gloves especially for pete’s weathered bronze, radon or blue bean
  • Thoroughly stir all glazes; improperly mixed glazes result in altered glaze composition over time
  • Do not cross contaminate glazes; if a glaze is accidentally poured in another glaze, let an assistant know
  • When finished glazing, wipe down glaze counter and any excess glaze you’ve spilled on buckets or floor
  • Keep bottom ¼” of each piece glaze free, make sure to wipe any glaze off bottom with clean sponge
  • Improperly glazed pieces will be put on ‘risky business’ shelf in kiln room and not fired; see an assistant
  • Push glaze buckets back under counter when you are through, with handles to the back so the labels are clearly visible for the next person
  • You are responsible for repeated kiln shelf damages caused by improper glazing. Kiln shelves cost $75 ea.
  • Cookies should be used and made by beginners, those who overlap glazes and if you have many small pieces (ie buttons, beads). Cookie should be an 1” wider than the widest point of your piece, no part of your piece should extend past the edge of the cookie. Round piece-round cookie, no sharp edges. Use a cookie when in doubt to be on the safe side. Ask an assistant for details.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear
  • No touching/unloading/loading of kilns or any glaze chemicals is allowed
  • If you are injured, inform an assistant immediately; band-aids are located above recycled clay table
  • Any accidents/broken items need to be reported to studio coordinator asap
  • Keep dust down- this is imperative for everyone’s safety
  • No sweeping/sanding in the studio, it raises silica dust which can stay airborne for days
  • If you do any sanding use a mask and go outside
  • Clay is very drying to the skin, wash your hands and use moisturizer before you leave the studio
  • Any questions, concerns, ideas, clarifications, etc. should be taken directly to the studio coordinator at claycoordinators@gmail.com.