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NCCU Visions Student Exhibition

Visions The North Carolina Central University Department of Art presents a virtual exhibition of student work, showing the range of progression from technical proficiency to creative execution. Exhibition curated and designed by Hilary Huskey, Adjunct Professor Department of Art NCCU Assisted by Chad Hughes, Assistant Professor Department of Art NCCU Featuring work by: Brandon Reyes, Thomas Moore, Teya Taylor, Britany Myatt, Corey Murphy, James Conner, James Cox, Greg Williams, Devin Davis, Erin Lowe, Melony Williams, Gareth Evans, Bobbi Cherry-Davis, Shannon Johnson, Bonnie Hummel, Brittany Forbes-Epps, Ebreeden Watson, Bryan Rodriguez, Diana Davis, Kenady Gallmon, Roddrick Rucker, Matthew White, Diavione Johnson, Tia [...]

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Interview: Martha Bassett

Exclusive: Interview with Martha Bassett of The Martha Bassett Show by Neha Nataraju     The ArtsCenter is proud to partner with The Martha Bassett Show to bring you old-time folk music right to your homes on the third Saturday of every month! Join us this Saturday, March 20th at 7pm as we stream The Martha Bassett Show, featuring Bill and the Belles, Snüzz, Abigail Dowd, and of course, Martha Bassett and her band. In preparation for Saturday’s concert, we sat down with Martha to ask some questions about her, the show, and this week's musical guests.   To start [...]

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Youth Instructor Spotlight: Mirna Ferreira

Interview by Kirsten Ehlert Mirna Ferreira is a visual artist who loves to teach hand building and clay sculpture. She will be teaching in-person youth arts classes this spring and summer. We had a chance to connect with Mirna and learn more about her!   What do you like to do for fun when you’re not creating art? MF: What I like to travel and explore, learn about new historic sites, meet new people, read books, and cook a good meal to enjoy with some friends!   What artistic achievement are you most proud of? MF: The artistic achievement I’m [...]

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Venues in a Pandemic: Cat’s Cradle

The ArtsCenter’s new interview miniseries “Venues in a Pandemic” talks with venue owners and operators in our community about the ways the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent relief efforts have affected them and their work as presenters of live music. Interview by Patrick Phelps-McKeown.     Frank Heath is the owner of Cat's Cradle, an iconic Carrboro music venue that is also The ArtsCenter's neighbor in East Main Square. We spoke to Frank about the challenges posed by COVID and how the Cradle has found creative ways to continue operating and supporting musicians over the last year.   It’s been almost [...]

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Secret Messages

Do you love sending or receiving secret messages? If so, now you can make our own! ​Materials: White Crayon (or a taper candle) Paper WaterColor Paints   Step 1: Using your white crayon, write your message on your paper. This may be tricky because it will be hard to see where you wrote. Make sure you are using a good firm pressure when you write otherwise you might not get a clear message. I like to write over my words a couple of times to make sure there is enough crayon down.   Step 2: Add watercolor paint right over top and [...]

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Creating a Nature Paint Brush

Using Nature Paint Brushes is a great way to add some variety to your paintings. It's also a great activity to get you creating outside! Materials: -Sticks (1 per paint brush) -Rubber Bands or string (1 per paint brush) -Items from nature -Paint -Paper - larger is better!   For the sticks: make sure they aren't rotten or they might break while you are using them. You want them to be about 7" long. For your nature items: First, take a walk around your yard and see what you might be able to use. Once you have identified a few items, start [...]

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