Under normal circumstances, The ArtsCenter offers regular ceramics classes and an open studio program, providing our community access to ceramics instruction, wheels, glazes, and kiln firings. However, the safety measures in place during the pandemic make our regular, in-person programming impossible. We will be offering a regular firing service instead of in-person studio access while these safety measures remain in place.

Firings will be administered by The ArtsCenter staff in our Skutt KM 1027 kilns. All exchange of materials should adhere to CDC social distancing guidelines: staff and patrons should maintain physical distance, wear PPE (masks and gloves), and decontaminate surfaces where possible.

Please drop off work to be fired at the ceramics studio entrance behind The ArtsCenter on a Firing Date, within the time-frame listed.



Upcoming Dates:

  1. Drop off Friday, June 11th, between 5:30-7:30pm. Pick up Wednesday, June 16, between 5:30-7:30pm.
  2. Drop off Friday, July 16, between 5:30-7:30 pm. Pick up Friday, July 23, between 5:30-7:30 pm.



Cash only. Please bring exact change.

$10 per 1/2 cubic foot (12″ x 12″ x 6″ volume). Total fee is assessed in increments of 1/2 a cubic foot. Minimum of 1/2 cubic foot ($10) per patron, per firing.

Fee includes loading and firing for any number of individual pieces measuring up to a total of 1/2 cubic foot.

Pieces will be measured at the greenware stage when patrons arrive to drop off work. Measurements must be rounded up to the next 1/2 cubic foot increment. For example, patrons firing any number of pieces exceeding a volume of 1/2 a cubic foot would need to purchase 1 cubic foot of space ($20 total), and so on.

Due to limited administrative capacity and space considerations, we cannot sell kiln space in smaller increments or prorate our firing fees to specific dimensions. Patrons wishing to fire pieces amounting to less than 1/2 a cubic foot of volume can wait to accumulate more work until firing or fire their work at current rates.

Turnaround for firings will be about one week. Patrons should bring their own boxes or bags for drop off and pick up of fired work.



Bisque firing to Cone 06. Glaze firing to Cone 5.

Any clay varieties purchased at The ArtsCenter’s ceramics studio can be fired in our kilns. Patrons wishing to fire a different clay variety will need to supply information about the clay type and where it was purchased prior to ordering a firing ticket. We may not be able to accommodate clay varieties that do not mature at our firing temperatures.

Glazes purchased at The ArtsCenter’s ceramics studio can be fired in our kilns. Patrons using other glazes will need to identify the commercial glaze they are using, as well as the company they purchased the glaze from. We require a two-inch minimum height for pieces being glaze fired. Patrons should wipe 1/4″ from the bottom of their glaze work to protect the kiln shelves and surrounding work. Patrons are responsible for replacing extensively damaged kiln shelves. Please visit this link for more information about glazes.

Glaze firing of greenware is prohibited. Pieces must have been bisque fired prior to glaze firing. Glaze ware will be measured out like bisque ware (rim to rim).

Although we are as careful with work as possible and we maintain our kilns, accidents do happen. The ArtsCenter is not responsible for any damage to work (including cracking, breaking, blistering, exploding, or any other unsatisfactory result) for any reason.

We reserve the right to refuse to fire any work for any reason. We will not fire combustible materials (wood, newspaper etc.) or anything other than clay; solid or very thick work; or clay or glaze with an unknown firing range.



Cash only. Please bring exact change. Glaze and clay are available for purchase during all Firing Dates and times.

In-house glaze: $15 per pint. We have a variety of 27 glazes for pre-order and pick-up during specified dates/times. The ArtsCenter will provide pint containers that can be returned and refilled after use. Containers will be sanitized in between refills. Glaze application tools will not be provided as part of this fee. Please visit this link for our selection of glazes.

New clay: $25 per bag. Assistant clay: $15 per bag. Recycled clay: $15 per bag. All regular studio clay varieties are available for purchase (Speckled Brownstone, Brownstone, Little Loafers, Earthen Red, and Bella’s Blend). Bags will be provided by the studio for all clay purchases.