August 3rd: Just Another Lynching by Jeghetto

Date(s): SATURDAY, AUG 3rd, 2024
Type of Show: Short Film, Puppetry
Showtime(s): 7:00 pm
Tickets: $10
Ages 13+

“Just Another Lynching” (short film) is Jeghetto’s most profound work to date. Set in the year 1921, this fictional story revolves around a Black American family man who is falsely accused of sexual assault by a white woman and subsequently lynched by his best friend’s brother and a mob. The narration is written by Tommy Noonan, and the score is composed and performed by Shana Tucker. Due to the sensitive nature of the content, there will be an open discussion between the puppeteers and the audience following the show.

Tarish Pipkins known as Jeghetto, is a self taught master builder and puppeteer. His puppets are abstract moving sculptures made of mostly found and recycled materials.

He has received two grants from the Jim Henson Foundation for his stage production titled “5P1N0K10” (Spinokio).

He has also received a grant from Heather Henson’s Handmade Puppet Dreams film company to adapt 5P1N0K10 into a short film.

Now he is a board member of the Jim Henson Foundation.

Jeghetto has worked with Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams, Alec Baldwin and a few other celebrities on music videos, commercials and television.

You can find out more about him at