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2019-2020 School Shows

The ArtsCenter is proud to present a season full of exciting and curriculum-relevant field trip opportunities designed to help schools further integrate the arts into their classrooms. Take a look at our 2019-2020 season!

If you would prefer to bring a performer to your school for a performance, please contact Jenks Miller at jmiller@artscenterlive.org for options.

Kim So Ra: A Sign of Rain (grades K8) – Dates TBA

Samul nori, Korea’s ancient percussion tradition, encompasses rituals, songs, and incantations that align with elemental powers. This folk music genre is influenced by traditional animism, shamanism, Korean military music and Korean Buddhism.​

Kim So Ra’s A Sign of Rain offers the Triangle an opportunity to experience some of Korea’s most celebrated traditional folk drumming styles.

Children’s Theatre of Charlotte: The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs (grades K–5) – Dates TBA

There are three sides to every story. Theirs. His. And the truth.​

You know the story. Three pigs build houses, the one who builds with bricks avoids the Big Bad Wolf and lives to tell the tale. But is that what really happened, or just porcine propaganda? In this brilliant parody of the famous fairy tale, we follow the Big Bad Wolf as he stands trial for his purported deeds. He has his own version of the story – and the audience becomes the jury, helping decide his fate: guilty or not guilty! Based on John Scieszka’s wildly popular book, this courtroom-farce-meets-musical is sure to please…it would be a crime to miss it!

Children’s Theatre of Charlotte: Accidental Friends (grades 3–8)​  Dates TBA

Sometimes the most surprising friendships can become the truest ones.​

Jonathan Small sits in his hospital room recovering from a head injury, bandages covering his eyes. He can’t see but it’s very clear that his friends are not there and no one has come to see him. That is, until he receives a surprise visit from classmate Hilda, the geeky overachiever from a different social circle. She challenges Jonathan to join her on a sightless adventure around the room; and within the walls of the hospital, the two form a fast friendship. But when Jonathan is discharged, he returns to his group of friends, ignoring Hilda, and setting a chain of events in motion that affects them all. This smartly-written drama explores the dynamics of friendships formed, lost and regained.​

Mike Wiley: Jackie Robinson: A Game Apart (grades 3+) Dates TBA

A Game Apart provides a glimpse of Jackie Robinson’s life during a bygone era of separate and unequal locker rooms, of whites only hotels, and of restaurants with only a back door for colored athletes to enter. Witness the hopeless humiliation of a star player who was showered with adulation on the field and became a second-hand citizen when he walked off the diamond. Meet Jackie’s compatriots fighting the same battles between the end zones, inside the ring and around the track. A Game Apart is a powerful lesson of courage through dedication, perseverance and leadership.

Mike Wiley: Tired Souls: King and the Montgomery Bus Boycott (grades 3+) – Dates TBA

Tired Souls opens in Montgomery, Alabama on December 1, 1955 – the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a city bus to a white man. Her determination was the catalyst that inspired Montgomery’s black citizens to abandon all travel on city buses until they were no longer forced to sit in the back or stand when a white person boarded. But there were others who came before Mrs. Parks and laid the groundwork for this pivotal moment. Tired Souls introduces audiences to Jo Ann Robinson, Claudette Colvin and others so instrumental in lighting a fire under the Civil Rights movement and changing the course of U.S. history forever.

Charles Pettee – Dates TBA

Catch the Bluegrass Bug! (Grades K–2) ​

Mr. Charles picks the guitar, or “tater-bug” (mandolin), hums the harmonica, and “rolls” the banjo, while all sing “Ain’t No Bugs On Me!” and other fun traditional tunes that make NC Bluegrass catchy! ​

Bluegrass: North Carolina’s Global Music (Grades 3–5) ​

Grades 3-5 clap, sing, and respond to NC roots music from the “Pilgrims to the present”, featuring sounds from Europe and Africa, blended here! Mr. Pettee shares stories that bring out curricular connections with NC Essential Standards in history and geography. Students are encouraged to connect the sounds and styles of music with the cultures that lived in NC then and now, and to see how one culture has contributed to another.

Curious Theatre Collective: Sally’s Ride: To Space and Beyond! (grades K–5)​ – Dates TBA

Sally Ride and her astronaut friends take kids on the ride of their lives in this dynamic performance about space exploration! What can we learn about the issues facing our Earth from an astronaut’s unique perspective? Why are we so drawn to exploring space? Through music, audience participation, and narrative, this performance will ignite excitement for science and inspire questions. Using Sally’s example, students learn they can accomplish anything through curiosity, teamwork, and perseverance.

Curious Theatre Collective: Creekside: The Journey of a Young Activist (grades K–5)​ – Dates TBA

Creekside: The Journey of a Young Activist is the story of Mia, a young girl who discovers something wrong with the creek behind her house and sets out to make it better with the help of four famous female environmentalists who happen to wander by: Rachel Carson, Winona LaDuke, Peggy Shepard, and Julia Butterfly Hill. Through music, audience participation, and narrative, students dive into concepts of environmental justice, interconnectedness, youth activism, and responsibility. Young audiences leave feeling empowered — knowing kids CAN make a difference in their communities. Do what you love, for what you love! This show was developed with support from the Orange County Arts Commission.

Sonia de los Santos: La Golondrina: A Musical Journey (grades K-8)​ – Dates TBA

Sonia de los Santos was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico and in 2007 started touring the world, singing in English and Spanish, and playing guitar and jarana.​

Sonia has been hailed by Billboard as “one of the Latin Children’s music artists you should know.” In 2015, she released her first solo family music album titled Mi Viaje: De Nuevo León to the New York Island, which went on to win the Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold Award. This unique collection of old and new songs is a personal, and yet universal, musical story from this soulful and important new voice in family music, and the messages of joyful community music making and cultural bridge building inspire and excite children and grown ups of all backgrounds.​

La Golondrina: A Musical Journey (Grades K-8)​

This concert reflects Sonia de los Santos’ experiences growing up in Mexico and moving to another country, learning about other cultures, and in the process, feeling closer to her own heritage.

Donna Washington, Storyteller – Dates TBA

Grades K2 will hear stories that work on pre reading skills. The pieces will be very interactive with simple problems and plots so that the students can focus on the use of language. The stories encourage scope and sequencing (correct ordering of events), predicting what might happen next, turning language into crisp images in the mind, increasing vocabulary and imparting a love of the rhythm and sounds of words.

Grades 35 will experience stories that deal with social behaviors and moral issues. Students are encouraged to think more deeply about the themes even as they laugh to the point of making their faces hurt. These stories have characters with more complicated motivations. The plots are more complicated as well and the basic theme is that we are responsible for our choices, and we need to be aware of the people around us in the world.​

Grades K–5 If the set is mixed and therefore not in similar social or developmental stages, then it isn’t possible to do sets that will play to the specific needs of the entire group. While fun and entertaining, the tales will be general and have no specific goals.

Field Trip Reservations

If you are interested in booking a field trip to The ArtsCenter to see one of the shows above,please use the appropriate form below to request seats. Field trip reservations are handled separately from in-school bookings, and sold at a per-ticket rate of $8 (one free chaperone ticket for every 10 student tickets purchased). Filling out the booking request form does not guarantee the performance or time you requested. School Show staff will contact you to finalize your reservation.

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