2020-2021 School Shows

The ArtsCenter is proud to present a season full of exciting and curriculum-relevant online educational opportunities designed to help schools further integrate the arts into their classrooms. We have selected these unique pre-recorded, remote performances for the high quality of their artistry, their engaging educational content and their production value to work seamlessly with your technology needs. Email info@artscenterlive.org with any questions.

School Shows 2020-21 Flyer (PDF)

Doktor Kaboom

It’s Just Rocket Science (Grades 3–5)

Described as “part Mr. Wizard and part Mr. Rogers,” Doktor Kaboom uses the excitement of rocketry to present Newton’s Laws of Motion in multiple, over-the-top, demonstrations. Each of Newton’s 3 laws is clearly explained, comically demonstrated, and followed by a DIY project that students can do as a class, in groups, or individually. 3 Laws, 3 lessons, 3 projects! Throughout the course, Doktor Kaboom intersperses the lessons with discussions on safety and personal empowerment. Of particular focus here is using rocket science to prove that “science is for everyone, not just the person who wins the science fair every year.” Ties directly to new science standards. Includes printable materials for worksheets, discussions, and multiple student demos for each section. This is the perfect program for introducing or reviewing the physics of motion.

CC: Performing Arts, Science, Theatre

Agent: Simon Shaw, 917-392-6739, simon@shawentertainment.com


Children’s Theatre of Charlotte

The Velveteen Rabbit (grades K–3)

A child’s love of his favorite toy literally brings this story to life. A little boy awakens Christmas morning to discover a Velveteen Rabbit among his gifts. Adored at first, then cast to the toy box, the Rabbit is snubbed by the other toys for being old-fashioned. Over time, a friendship blossoms. The Velveteen Rabbit learns what it means to be truly loved by the Boy – and the smiles and tears that come from being “real”. Adapted from the classic book, this poignant story has charmed generations of families and continues to be cherished by audiences today.

CC: Becoming Oneself, Unconditional Love, Friendship

Agent: Margot Parrott, 704-973-2808, margotp@ctcharlotte.org

Children’s Theatre of Charlotte

GRIMMZ Fairy Tales (grades 3–8)

Brothers put a spin on classic fairy tales in this hip-hop revelation for the younger generation. Jay and Will Grimmz, the hip-hop fable story dance-pop sensation, have come back home to the city where they grew up to give a concert. They’re known not just for their sounds but for their powerful storytelling, an inventive remix of familiar classics. The brothers put a modern spin on valuable life lessons in Snow White and the Seven Shawties, Down with Rapunzel, Hanzel & Gretel: Lost in the Hood, and their brand new release based on Rumpelstiltskin. Pay your bling, hear them sing and get ready to drop the mic in this unforgettable theatrical experience.

CC: Understanding and Appreciation, the Power of Music, Helping Others

Agent: Margot Parrott, 704-973-2808, margotp@ctcharlotte.org


Children’s Theatre of Charlotte

My Wonderful Birthday Suit (grades K–3)

A surprise birthday party gives three children something truly amazing to celebrate – their differences. Rainbows, moonbeams and a bit of birthday magic make for a super-fun party! But friendships are questioned when judgements and comments about skin color slip out. By sharing experiences, the children learn important lessons about understanding and acceptance that pave the way to forgiveness. This spectacular story told with music, an awesome puppet named Bobo the bird and the wonder of a magical Thinking Tree will give everyone something to ponder. Each of us is a gift “wrapped” in our own unique way but it’s what’s on the inside that truly makes us special. This powerful conversa-tion-starter proves that you’re never too young (or too old) to be kind.

CC: Tolerating Differences, Acceptance, Understanding and Celebrating Diversity

Agent: Margot Parrott, 704-973-2808, margotp@ctcharlotte.org

Jazzy Ash

Interdisciplinary Development is at the core of Jazzy Ash’s fun filled original tunes. The programs take students on a toe tapping journey through New Orleans music and African American culture as they explore topics in social-emotional development such as diversity, self-esteem, friendship and family. Children are challenged in critical thinking and practice gross motor skills.

CC: Diversity, Self-Esteem, Friendship, Family, Critical Thinking, Motor Skills

Agent: Sarah McCarthy, 818-533-1655, sarah@dandelionartists.com


Sonia de los Santos

Sonia has been hailed by Billboard as “one of the Latin Children’s music artists you should know.” Join Sonia as she tells stories and shares songs about her experiences growing up in Mexico, moving to another country, learning about other cultures, and in the process, feeling closer to her own heritage while exploring together the many different countries, rhythms and sounds from the Americas!

CC: Performing Arts, Music, Character Education

Agent: Sarah McCarthy, 818-533-1655, sarah@dandelionartists.com


Reggie Harris

Music & the Underground Railroad (Grades K-8)

The Underground Railroad is one of the most important chapters in American History. This engaging concert of songs, stories and narratives about slavery and the quest for freedom reveals the hope, power and eventually, the triumph that was accomplished by a network of multicultural allies. Music and the Underground Railroad provides an understanding of the secrets and passion of this powerful era and an understanding of the use of song to communicate information during this powerful era of American history.

CC: Cultural Studies, History, Music, Storytelling, Language Arts

Agent: Susan Lounsbury, 518-647-5916, susan@loydartists.com


Reggie Harris

How Martin Climbed the Mountain (Grades K-12)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream, but he did not dream alone. This program honors the African American artists, poets, educators, inventors, explorers, scientists and other important contributors to the life and culture of America and the world who influenced and informed the work of Dr. King. Using stories and music, Reggie highlights how the contributions of Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Benjamin Banneker, Satchel Paige and others helped young Martin become a man who added to the fabric of our nation and who
changed the world.

CC: Cultural Studies, History, Music, Storytelling, Language Arts

Agent: Susan Lounsbury, 518-647-5916, susan@loydartists.com


Donna Washington, Storyteller

Donna Washington is an internationally known, multiple award-winning storyteller, spoken word recording artist, and author who has been entertaining, educating, and inspiring audiences for over 30 years by bringing folklore, literary tales, and personal narratives
to life. Join Donna on one of her spoken journeys to learn about choices, respect and fostering positive relationships for grades K-12.

CC: Literacy, Language Arts, History, Character Education

Agent: Dave Klibanow, 919-471-3036, dave@donnawashington.com


Mike Wiley

Offering a variety of prerecorded performances highlighting important historical figures such as Jackie Robinson, MLK and Rosa Parks, be prepared to be wowed by this remarkably-gifted playwright and actor who continues to peel away distrust and misinformation to dramatically and powerfully share true stories giving honor and tribute to heroic, iconic legends and change-making unsung heroes from the African-American history book of the United States of America.

CC: Performing Arts, Theater, History, Character Education

Agent: Stephen Barefoot, 919-489-1541, stephen@goingbarefoot.com


Mister G

Latin GRAMMY Winning musician, author, activist, and educator Mister G offers a selection of prerecorded concerts that promote bi-lingual language acquisition, explore environmental stewardship, and help children see each other across borders. With captivating Latin rhythms and melodies, the songs appeal to parents as much as their children. His pre-recorded concerts align with important curriculum
areas including language arts, geography, and science.

CC: Music, Spanish, Environmental Stewardship, Language Arts, Geography, Science

Agent: Kyle Homstead, 413-896-6790, kyle@laudable.productions