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Potter – Saturday, May 2nd, 1pm – 3:30pm (TACOL Spring 2020)

Develop self-awareness and infuse your creative practice with spirituality through the art of the mandala!

“Mandala” is a Sanskrit word that literally translates to “container of essence” (manda—“essence”—and la—“container”). In ancient Hindu and Buddhist religious traditions, mandalas were vessels for meditation and would be burned after being created to emphasize detachment. (Don’t worry, we’re not going to burn our artwork, although you’re welcome to if you’d like to really let go!) They’ve been reintroduced to the modern world thanks to Carl Jung, who claimed mandalas were a map of one’s interior world. Art therapists today use mandalas to aide in reducing anxiety and depression, since the repetition of lines and shapes can be soothing and help take your mind off your worries.

In this class, you’ll learn varied approaches to making mandalas and will experiment until you find a style and process that works for you. You’ll come away with an appreciation for the rich spiritual tradition of mandala-making and have learned more about yourself through the art of the mandala!


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