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Otterness – Saturdays, Jan 15 – 29, 10-11am (Online)


This class will cover the basics of handbuilding: How to stick two pieces of clay together so they won’t fall apart or crack afterwards!

I will demonstrate pinch, coil, and slab methods of clay construction.  I will primarily focus on functional ware (cups, bowels, plates, etc) but these basics are used in sculptural work as well. After simple form construction I will demonstrate additions such as handles and lids. We will also cover some decorating and glazing techniques to familiarize students with the entire process. Students are welcome to simply watch the class or make work as their workspace allows while the session is live.

There will be time for questions throughout the class and at the end.

Enrolled students will be given directions for clay pickup, completed work drop off for firing, glazing, and final work pick up after firing.


Materials required:

  • clay
  • 8 piece clay tool set can be purchased online for $10-$20 (can also just use fork, butter knife, old credit card)
  • rolling pin or soup can for flattening clay
  • flat, stable, waterproof work surface
  • computer with video and sound capacities


All ArtSchool registrations have a $3 processing fee added upon check-out.

ArtsCenter members receive 15% off the cost of this course!

All ArtSchool classes are 15 years old and up unless otherwise specified.