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Leave the house, bring the troops, and enjoy some post-Thanksgiving laughter with Family-Friendly Transactors Improv! We might poke a little fun at quirky families, fights between siblings, and who gets the last piece of pie.

You might recognize some of the characters on stage as they just might be based on of your family members! It’s spontaneous theater—complete with a dance break—inspired by audience suggestions.

The cast includes director Anoo Tree Brod, Bart Hubbard, and Jane Allen Wilson.

“(Our 10-year-old) is still quoting from the Transactors show… absolutely appropriate and entertaining…” -Page P.

This 60-minute performance features short-form improv – individual scenes running 5-10 minutes and based on audience suggestions.
Everything is made up on the spot, and the content is appropriate for children and adults… and adults who act like children.

Transactors has a long history of entertaining audiences of all ages. The company originated as a children’s theater and has performed in schools throughout the southeast.