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Black Poetry Theatre presents Tend To Your Own House

Created by Dasan Ahanu, Lee Chapman, KD Lambert, and Nakita Jay

Meddling: to involve oneself in a matter without right or invitation; interfere officiously and unwantedly. We all know a meddler. Some of us have even been a victim to their interference in our lives and relationships. They seem to get a joy out of watching the drama unfold. It’s all fun and games until karma comes calling. Then meddling is so fun anymore. This is a tale about how a series of unfortunate events turns into a lesson in what happens when you don’t learn to Tend To Your Own House. A dramatic romp presented with exuberance, suspense, and liquid courage.

The plays that we flipped for this production are below….

How He Lied To Her Husband – George Bernard Shaw (1904)
He Said She Said – Alice Gerstenberg (1922)
A Poet’s Heart – Maxwell Bodenheim (1918)
A Matter of Husbands – Ferenc Molnar (1923) *translated by Benjamin Glazer

“Flip the Script: A Play in Progress” is a works-in-progress series where classic works are reworked/remixed into new pieces, integrating poetry/spoken word and music. Led by Dasan Ahanu, a group of selected community artists will work together to shape each piece of the production. Three readings of these reworked pieces will be presented followed by a talk-back, offering an opportunity for community feedback. The series will culminate with a full production built from those pieces blended into one world and one storyline.

Black Poetry Theatre seeks to expand the understanding of spoken word and foster greater appreciation for the power of contemporary poetry by presenting it in traditional theatrical settings, raising cultural awareness through the use of the performing arts and telling necessary stories from within our communities. Founded in 2008 by Church Da Poet and Dasan Ahanu, Black Poetry Theatre creates and presents original poetry and spoken word based theatrical productions.