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Brod – Mondays, Feb 21-Mar 28, 7-9pm (In-Person)

In Person Improv Is Back!
Improv 201 is for anyone who has taken an Intro to Improv class at some point in their past.
Continued skill and confidence building are the pillars of 201. While we will cover the basics again, we will move more quickly in this session and go deeper into learning the tools of using improv to be fully present in the moment. Say “yes!” to your scene partners as you learn more and more to say “yes!” to life! If you are ready for a ton of learning wrapped in the most fun you can have, this one’s for you.

“Every time I leave class I have an influx of positive energy and it carries over to the rest of the week.”
Brandon Kearley, Raleigh, NC


Due to the spread of the Delta Variant starting October 1, 2021, The ArtsCenter will be requiring proof of vaccination and masks (as per state-mandate) for anyone who attends our ArtSchool classes and in-person performances. This was not an easy decision to make however as a leading community organization, The ArtsCenter has a responsibility to the whole community and feel this mandate is the most sensible safety measure.
Thank you

In-person classes offered during the pandemic are conducted at a low maximum capacity and with social distancing measures in place. Masks must be worn at all times. Students are required to show instructors a proof of vaccination before attending in-person classes. Refunds and exchanges are not offered for in-person classes offered during the pandemic.

All ArtSchool registrations have a $3 processing fee added upon check-out. 

ArtsCenter members receive 15% off the cost of this course!