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Stacye Leanza – Tuesdays, Aug 2 – Aug 30, 6:30pm-9:00pm (Online)


A special kind of magic happens when you overlay a common map with some imaginative images of what could be going on down there.   

Good illustrated maps tell the story of a place or event in a way that makes people want to visit the destination, & helps them find it, too. 

In class, students will learn techniques to make an inventive map that can do just that. Well cover whats essential for way-finding & what to leave out, and how to create meaningful, expressive icons that will entice viewers. 

Graphics software is recommended, but not required. Class meets on Zoom.



  • Sketch paper for rough sketches (at least 8.5 x 11”) 
  • Pencils  
  • Kneaded eraser, if possible, or whatever you have 

Very helpful, whether or not you do the Final artwork on the computer 

But NOT required: 

  • A computer / tablet with Wi-Fi  
  • graphics / photo-editing software  
  • Printer 
  • Scanner (Or digital camera, in a pinch) 

If you do not have access to graphics software*: 

  • Tracing paper 

* There are free options you can get on-line, if you wish. Like Gimp. There’s a learning curve, though… 

If you are not doing the final illustration on a device: 

We’ll discuss specifics in class. You won’t need this before the third week. 

  • Art medium(s) of your choice  
  • Include pencils / pens / brushes / something for detail work 



This class is conducted online! A computer with audio, video, and internet functionality is required. Student gives permission for The ArtsCenter and for instructor to use their image and comments in class recordings for promotional non-commercial purposes. Refunds and exchanges are not offered for online classes.

All ArtSchool registrations have a $3 processing fee added upon check-out.

ArtsCenter members receive 15% off of the cost of this course!