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Hobgood Thomas – Tuesdays, Nov 24 – Dec 29, 5-6pm (Online)


Take time to study the history and foundations of collage in Mixed Media Collage with Emily H. Thomas, a recent MFA graduate and adjunct professor at UNC Chapel Hill. This course will teach students the historical and cultural significance of collage with covering topics such as color, composition, materiality, and critiquing peers.


Please note that no collage experience is required prior to taking this course, this course will cater to a variety of beginners and advanced artists alike.


Week One- Instructor will teach the historical significance of collage and the different ways one can use media. Students should come prepared with magazines they can cut and use.
Week Two- Instructor will talk about color value and the importance of color theory. Students should come prepared with colored paper that is either dyed, hand-colored, or already colored craft paper.
Week Three- Instructor will discuss composition and layering. Students should come prepared with a variety of materials that they can choose from.
Week Four- Instructor will discuss the different types of media that can be used. Students should come to class prepared with photographs, paper, newspaper, fabric, book pages, or other materials discussed in Week Three that can be found around the home.
Week Five- Instructor will discuss incorporating other materials into collages such as drawing materials or paint. Students can come to class with a variety of materials such as crayons, color pencils, pastels, or paint.
Week Six- Students will make a collage out of materials they have learned about in the course and the Instructor will provide feedback.


-please note that all of these materials are optional and it’s recommended to use what you have at home, but you will need things such as glue and scissors.
   -Tape, decorative or functional
   -colored paper
   -newspaper clippings
   -magazine articles
   -old photographs
   -craft paint
   -paintbrushes or foam brushes


About the instructor:

Emily Hobgood Thomas is an artist from Morehead City, North Carolina. Emily makes photographs with varying degrees of manipulation that investigate the socioeconomic impact of tourism. At this time, Emily’s work focuses on the Outer Banks region of North Carolina.Emily graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2018 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a Concentration in Painting. In 2020, Emily earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Studio Arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

This class is conducted online! A computer with audio, video, and internet functionality is required. 
Student gives permission for The ArtsCenter and for instructor to use their image and comments in class recordings for promotional non-commercial purposes.
Refunds and exchanges are not offered for online classes.
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