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Liotchev – Tuesdays, Februrary 16th – March 9th, 7pm-9pm (Online)


Suggested experience level: Beginner to Intermediate

As one of the oldest painting genres, landscape has a storied history, but why not give it a face lift today?

Mixing multiple media will allow us to do just that, as we discover surprising techniques to create beautiful effects and impressions. Working from photographs (although looking out at your backyard is fine as well), we’ll mostly study the effects of combining drawing with watercolor and acrylic, alongside some collaging. The goal will be to unearth how different materials interact with one another and how such combinations can embellish our depictions of natural phenomena such as clouds, water, tree bark or even wind! As inspiration and guidance, we’ll study artists who work in mixed media or are heavily invested in the materiality of paint, such as Vincent van Gogh, German Expressionism, Robert Rauschenberg, Ellen Gallagher, Anselm Kiefer and David Lynch. Students can expect to work on two landscapes during the class: the first being a more structured exercise, and the second giving you more freedom to invent your own techniques and visions.



· Pencils (HB, 2B, 4B and 6 or 8B)

· Graphite sticks (HB, 2B, 4B and 6 or 8B)

· Erasers (kneaded is preferable over rubber)

· Paper (at least 140lb weight; around 12 x 16 in.)

· Set of 12 watercolor and 12 acrylic paints

· Selection of brushes, both soft and hard bristle, ranging from 1 inch to thin script liner brush

· Cups and trays for mixing paints

· Collage materials (magazines, cardboard, fabric, etc.)

· White glue (Elmer’s type)

· Scissors or X-Acto knife

· Masking tape

· Drawing board or table you don’t mind getting messy

· Photographs or a view to paint from

Optional but beneficial materials

· Ruler

· Wax or conté crayons

· Charcoal sticks

· Graphite powder

· Chalk, sand, paint mediums (matt or gloss medium), or any other paint additives

· Canvas or wood panels (if you prefer them over paper)

· Leftover acrylic-latex house paints


Note: It is absolutely fine if you prefer to work with fewer media, such as only drawing/watercolor or acrylic/collage, but you’ll gain maximum benefit if you combine at least 2 mediums.


This class is conducted online! A computer with audio, video, and internet functionality is required. Student gives permission for The ArtsCenter and for instructor to use their image and comments in class recordings for promotional non-commercial purposes. Refunds and exchanges are not offered for online classes.

All ArtSchool registrations have a $3 processing fee added upon check-out.

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