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AlSuwaidi – Fridays, Mar 4 – Apr 1, 3-6pm (In-Person)


Have you taken a photo without using a lens? With a pinhole, you can create an image that has infinite depth of field with outlandish setups! Pinhole photography uses a tiny pinhole to focus enough light to create a photograph. In this class, we will go through making a pinhole camera, learn about using the darkroom, and understand what focal length, aperture size, shutter speed and f-stop all have in common. We will build our own cameras from various containers, so bring an oatmeal box, tea tin case, or a shoe box and we will turn it into a camera!

Materials required for class:

  • Ilford RC black&white Paper 8×10 30 sheets: $29.99
  • Ilford Multigrade Developer,Stop,& Fixer: $14.25, $11.80, $15.35

Total: $71.39


In-person classes offered during the pandemic are conducted at a low maximum capacity and with social distancing measures in place. Masks must be worn at all times. Students are required to show instructors a proof of vaccination before attending in-person classes. Refunds and exchanges are not offered for in-person classes offered during the pandemic.

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