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In honor of twenty years of larger than life puppetry in the Triangle, Paperhand Puppet Intervention presents: Radicackalacky! A festival of radical puppetry. Two nights of performances feature puppeteers from throughout the Southeast with an array of puppetry styles, including table top monsters, life-sized paper sculptures, and reverential shadow puppetry accompanied by song. The festival, which also includes two days of public workshops and a late night cabaret, is a celebration of how puppetry can be used to affect radical change.

Admission is $15 or pay-what-you-can. Recommended for ages 12 and up.


Artist: Miranda Elliot Rader

Artist Bio: Miranda Elliot Rader is a puppeteer and performer from the west coast. She currently lives in Charlottesville, VA.

Performing: Creation (10 min)

Show Description: “Creation” is a feminist retelling of Genesis 1 and John 1, “Creation” tells the story of the creation of the world from before the beginning of time to the present day.


Artist: Rae Red

Artist Bio: Rae Anna Hample is a puppeteer, animator, visual artist and musician, encouraging laughter in the face of darkness by translating everyday realities into play. Their work exposes magic and wonder within our daily functions, from the wizardry of sight and color theory to the way water invisibly keeps our lives flowing smoothly like a ghost within the walls. They have presented their work in every type of space imaginable from dive bars and the backs of donut shops to The Museum of Human Achievement, High Concept Labs, and The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.

Performing: Shadow Ballads (40 min)

Show Description: A collection of traditional ballads about death adapted by Rae Red to be sung along with shadow accompaniment. Using the simple technology of an overhead projector, Rae creates an eerie yet beautiful experience of storytelling and song.


Artist: Lyon Forrest Hill

Artist Bio: Lyon Forrest Hill has been a practicing puppet-maker and puppeteer for 20 years. He is the Artistic Director for the Columbia Marionette Theater in South Carolina. In addition to family-friendly entertainment, Lyon has enjoyed recognition for his work in puppetry for adults. He has performed at the Puppeteers of America’s Regional and National Festivals, as well as a number of National Puppet Slams at the Center for Puppetry Arts. He has also attended the O’Neil Puppetry Conference in Waterford, CT, and the Puppets in Prague workshop in the Czech Republic.

Performing: Tales of Woe: Works by Edgar Allan Poe (45 min)

Show Description: A Harlequin host guides us through the dark and beautiful works of Edgar Allan Poe. Wire sculptures come alive, a life-sized paper man is murdered, and painted dreams drift by in this two-person show by Lyon Forrest Hill. Tales of Woe takes a fresh look at classic and obscure works by the master of the macabre using a unique integration of puppet, illustration, and performer. This piece of was work-shopped at the Eugene O’Neil Theater Center in Waterford, CT and was performed at DragonCon in 2018.