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Restorative yoga is a rest-based practice specifically designed to support down-regulation of the nervous system. The goal of restorative is to fully support the body with props in restful positions, so that it cannot help but let go and relax. As the body relaxes, the mind begins to quiet. This form of yoga is both meditative and therapeutic. Students often report that restorative yoga triggers a nervous system release similar to that of massage or acupuncture. They also report sounder sleep, reduced back pain, improved posture, better stress management, and a feeling of being calm and centered. Each class is designed as a mini-retreat, incorporating a brief breath practice (pranayama) followed by 4-5 deeply relaxing poses. No experience with yoga is necessary to participate. Class is 90 minutes, in length, allowing for long, luxurious, supported asanas. The environment, quiet and candlelit, is carefully tailored to relax the nervous system. Practice ends with a warming custom-brewed Masala Chai tea.

Section B w/ Jennifer Krueger $64 – Thursday, 7-8:30pm, Jul. 12 – Aug. 2

Drop-In – $17

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All ArtSchool classes are 15 years old and up unless otherwise specified.