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Wednesdays, Sept 9th – Oct 7th, 7-9pm


Soul Collage© is an intuitive and creative collage making process. Using simple materials, Soul Collagers create a personalized deck of cards with each card representing a part of their personality or soul. No art experience is needed to make Soul Collage© cards…all that is needed are supplies and a willingness to be open and learn about yourself.


Week 1: Soul Collage© and the Committee Suit: When you start creating Soul Collage© Cards, often the first cards you create will fall into the Committee Suit. The Committee represents the many inner parts of the human soul or as some like to describe it, the many voices in our head. We create these cards early in our process because they represent aspects of our personality that we confront everyday.


Week 2: Soul Collage© and the Community Suit: The Community Suit centers around the people (and animals) who are literally in our community. These people could include your family, friends and pets. You might also have mentors, historical people and loved ones who have died. For this workshop, in addition to magazine images, you may want to have some photos available.


Week 3: Soul Collage© and the Companions Suit: The Companions Suit centers around the seven chakras, houses of the vital energy which moves up and down our bodies along the spinal cord. The Companions Suit consists of cards that represent animal guides who relate to each of our chakras.


Week 4: Soul Collage© and the Council Suit: The Council Suit contains cards for archetypes who are part of who you are. Archetypes are mysterious and sometimes God-like. Some examples are “The Great Mother,” “The Fool,” and “The Healer.”


Week 5: Readings with Your Soul Collage© Cards: I like to describe a person’s Soul Collage© deck as being like their own personalized Tarot Cards. Because a person uses so much intuition in creating their cards, the cards hold a lot of internal wisdom. This week, we will learn a couple simple ways to do readings with your cards. We could spend all three hours doing readings but I expect that at this point you have discovered how much fun it is to make cards so we will surely spend some time making cards as well.


Materials: glue stick (several), magazines and other pictures, scissors, cardstock cut to 8” by 5,” plastic sleeves (optional), a box to store your cards in (optional)


This is a good starter kit from Hanford Mead


Pemberton-Smith, Wednesdays, Sept 9th – Oct 7th, 7-9pm (TACOL)

About the instructor: Bridget Pemberton-Smith, ATR-BC has been a Soul Collage Facilitator since 2011. She is also a board certified art therapist and works as the development director of the Art Therapy Institute in Carrboro, NC. Bridget received her Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy in 1998 from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. You can read our interview with Bridget Pemberton-Smith here.


This class is conducted online! A computer with audio, video, and internet functionality is required. Student gives permission for The ArtsCenter and for instructor to use their image and comments in class recordings for promotional non-commercial purposes. Refunds and exchanges are not offered for online classes.


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