Project Description

Adam Dodds is a fine art photographer living and working in Chapel Hill, NC since 2009. Originally from Northwest Mississippi, his initial fascination with art growing up was illustration. In 1999, he bought his first camera and under the guidance of a family friend, began to develop a passion for the medium. He quickly built a portfolio and in 2001, was accepted into Memphis College of Art. Over the two years he attended art college, Professor Martina Shenal taught him the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography.

Subtlety is the prevailing thread weaved throughout Adam’s photography. His reactionary approach against sexy, mass market imagery has produced pictures that are designed to be inconspicuous. Throughout his career, Adam has mostly shied away from digital photography, preferring the look of film and the tactile practice of darkroom printing. For the past six years, he has proudly educated a new generation of young photographers in these nearly forgotten methods.