Project Description

Gregory B. Searle is a digital computer artist with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Lowell (now U-Mass at Lowell) and a computer programming background. He combines these seemingly opposing skill-sets to create unique computer-generated “fractal” imagery using his own custom computer code. This allows him to explore a whole world of mathematically-generated imagery, carefully crafting the limitless parameters to produce one-of-a-kind, high-quality fractal prints.At this time he is exploring trigonometric variations of the MandelbrotTower of Powers, and Newton fractals at various real exponents. The combination of formulas, trig functions, fractional exponents, and different rendering techniques provides a limitless world of form and texture to explore. The expressive forms that emerge are enhanced by low-saturation or purely grayscale color schemes, highlighting shading, texture, and motion.Web: www.fractalartdesign.comFacebook: