AfterSchool 2022 – January Updates

Hello AfterSchool Arts Immersion parents and guardians,

Welcome to 2022! Last residency, our students learned the ins and outs of graffiti with Ivan Liotchev. For 4th and 5th grade parents: I am uploading the videos I took of active spray painting. Please check the sharepoint folder by the end of the week for that content!

Our former artist in residence, Zora Medor, is back to put on a musical with the kids! They are learning to costume, compose, and block a show. We will share photos and videos of that product after the performance on Friday.

Note on technology: Today we had a talk with students about responsible technology use. Going forward, students should only use technology during their homework time. If irresponsible technology use continues, we will fully enforce a “no technology” policy in which students will have to leave all devices in their backpacks for the duration of AfterSchool.

Next week, we will have Rissi Palmer, a performance artist, working with students to make music on Wednesday, February 2nd. We will try to capture photo and video content to share with you all.

Our next minicamp is February 15th; the link is here. Reminder that minicamps are $80.00 for the public, and $68.00 for patrons, and that we will cap attendance at 20 students.

Thanks everyone! Fingers crossed for 2022!