Your event, your way at The ArtsCenter

Imagine your next event happening in a vibrant, artistic space. Whether it's a cutting-edge product launch, a spirited birthday party, or a thought-provoking seminar, The ArtsCenter is the ideal venue to make your event unforgettable.

With our versatile spaces, you can create an intimate gathering or a grand celebration. From our innovative classrooms to our captivating theaters, each venue is a blank canvas ready to be transformed according to your vision!


ArtsCenter Theater


ArtsCenter Gallery


ArtsCenter Green Room


ArtsCenter Conference Room

A 50% deposit is due to reserve your space.

Why choose The ArtsCenter
for your event?

Explore a world of possibilities with The ArtsCenter as your next event destination. We're excited to work with you and bring your vision to life! For more details, feel free to explore our FAQ section or request to rent an event space below!

Unforgettable Atmosphere

The ArtsCenter exudes a unique blend of creativity and sophistication that adds an extra layer of charm to your event.

Central Carrboro location

Situated in the heart of Carrboro, we are easily accessible, with ample parking facilities.

Tech-savvy venues

Our venues come equipped with top-notch audio-visual technologies, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Supportive staff

Our dedicated team is here to assist you with logistical support and to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Community impact

By hosting your event at The ArtsCenter, you’re directly contributing to the flourishing local arts scene and our education programs.

Rent an event space
""Children running around in the new ArtsCenter venue

Frequently asked questions

Which venues does The ArtsCenter rent?

The ArtsCenter mission is to educate and inspire people of all ages.  As a community arts center, we provide rental space to the general public.  Please note that a $125 non-refundable cleaning deposit is required to ensure the space is always restored to its original state and left in excellent condition. Materials and belongings from other rooms are not to be moved and utilized during the rental unless approved by the Production Manager.

These are the following Hourly Rates:

ArtsCenter Theater $300

ArtsCenter Green Room $200

ArtsCenter Galleries (Each) $200

ArtsCenter Conference Room $150

Additional Services (can include as needed):

Staffing: (House Management/Box Office): $25 per Hour

Sound/Light Technician: $150 minimum flat fee; plus $30 per hour after 5 hours

Projection (if needed): $100 flat fee

Portable Audio System: $50 flat fee

Upright Piano (if needed): $100 flat fee

Ticketing/Marketing: $100 flat fee

Bar Service: $25/hour

At receipt of signed rental contract, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit of the total rental fee. The remaining balance is due upon the night of the event or at the last session of class/rehearsal, etc. 

If you would like to secure rental space please email Tracy Francis, Production Manager at: or text him at: 919-360-1750

How do I inquire about a venue’s availability?

Please contact our Production Manager Tracy Francis at for information regarding venue rates and availability.

What kinds of events can The ArtsCenter accommodate?

We offer a variety of venue options that cater to nearly any type of function including, but not limited to, concerts, theater events, video & photo shoots, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, business/ organizational meetings, movie premieres, seminars, rehearsals, memorial services, galas, dances, and university functions.

How far in advance does The ArtsCenter book its venues?

We recommend starting the booking process at least three months in advance. We require a minimum of two weeks’ notice for rentals.

What is The ArtsCenter’s policy on holding or reserving dates?

The ArtsCenter requires a nonrefundable deposit equivalent to half of the total rental fee along with a signed rental contract and a certificate of insurance (COI) to hold or reserve a date. As a courtesy, The ArtsCenter may issue a “soft hold” on an available date while the initial discussions about a potential rental take place, but a soft hold does not guarantee the venue’s availability.

How much will my rental cost?

The total rental fee for an event is calculated based on the access hours in each venue (access hours include the time necessary for load-in, set up, program, and clean up) multiplied by that venue’s hourly rental rate; a standard staffing fee; and any applicable fees from our menu of optional services. In most cases, we require a refundable cleaning deposit to be submitted with each rental contract. See the first FAQ, ‘Which venues are available for rent?’ for pricing per venue.

Costs will be calculated on a case-by-case basis after you contact The ArtsCenter’s Production Manager Tracy Francis at, to discuss availability.

How does payment work?

Once the rental date(s), access times, and the total rental fee are established, a rental contract is issued detailing the agreement and The ArtsCenter’s rental policies. A nonrefundable deposit equivalent to 50% of the total rental fee is due with the signed rental contract, a certificate of insurance (COI), and a cleaning deposit*. Once these items are collected, the date(s) will be held for the rental.

The remaining 50% of the total rental fee is due on the day of the rental. (If a rental includes a contiguous range of dates, the remaining percentage of the total rental fee is due on the first day of that range. If a rental includes isolated dates across a span of multiple weeks or months, a payment plan for that interval will be established in the rental contract.)

The ArtsCenter can process rental payments by check (made payable to The ArtsCenter), credit card, or cash.

*In most cases, a refundable cleaning deposit will be assessed for each rental. We ask that a separate check (made out to The ArtsCenter) is submitted for this deposit. The cleaning deposit check will be held and deposited only if The ArtsCenter must clean the venue after the event.

What is the “certificate of insurance” (COI) required with the contract and deposit?

We need a certificate serving as proof of liability insurance with The ArtsCenter named as “additional insured” on that policy. You can obtain this certificate from your insurance provider; usually it only involves a quick phone call.

Once a contract is in place, can I extend the access hours for my rental if I decide I need more time?

No. The rental access period begins and ends at the times agreed upon in advance and designated in the rental contract. Staffing and scheduling decisions are based on the contracted rental access period, so it is important to adhere to the hours specified in advance. Adherence to the contracted rental access period helps keep our rental fees consistent and fair for all renters. When planning your event, please keep in mind that your rental access period must include all time necessary for load-in, set up, program, and clean up.

Does The ArtsCenter provide an event planner?

No. Renters are responsible for planning their events and/or securing assistance from an outside event planner. While The ArtsCenter is happy to help renters realize their plans, we cannot take on a conceptual role in that process.

What is the staffing/personnel fee for?

The staffing/personnel fee covers the costs required to keep the building open during an event. It may include a Box Office Associate and/or a House Manager. While ArtsCenter staff can help advise and coordinate set up on the day of an event, renters should plan to execute their own set up and clean up.

What marketing and promotional resources are available through The ArtsCenter?

Renters are responsible for promoting and publicizing their own events. The “ticketing/event listing” item on the optional services menu above includes setup of an event splash page including a description of your event and a link to our online ticket vendor. Additional marketing services may be available from The ArtsCenter’s Marketing Department on a case-by-case basis depending on the Marketing Department’s workload.

Does The ArtsCenter have an exclusive contract with specific caterers and vendors?

No. The ArtsCenter does not currently have an exclusive contract with any one caterer or vendor for rental events in our venues.

Can The ArtsCenter recommend some caterers and vendors?

Yes. We can often recommend local caterers and vendors which may be suited to your event.

May I broadcast or record my event at The ArtsCenter?

We ask that renters inform us in advance if their event will produce broadcast, audio, or visual recordings made at The ArtsCenter. The ArtsCenter should be acknowledged in all credits as “The ArtsCenter, Carrboro, NC.”

May I use The ArtsCenter’s tables and chairs in my event setup?

Yes. Renters are welcome to use The ArtsCenter’s tables and chairs for their event. The ArtsCenter has banquet-style folding tables and some smaller café tables, all of which are available depending on programming elsewhere in the building. Furniture may not be removed from other rooms unless otherwise specified in the renter’s contract. We recommend that renters supply their own tablecloths. All furniture should be returned to its original configuration at the end of an event as a part of the cleanup process.

Do your venues have WiFi access?

The ArtsCenter has a free public WiFi network which is accessible throughout most of the building. The WiFi network can be accessed from the two theaters, the gallery, and two of the four studio/classroom spaces.

Where are The ArtsCenter’s venues located?

400 Roberson St. Carrboro, NC 27510

Is parking available?

Parking will be available in our upper and lower lots at 400 S Roberson Street, including accessible parking spaces and an EV charger.