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AfterSchool – September + October Updates

Greetings, Afterschool Arts Immersion Parents and Guardians!  We’ve wrapped up our first four weeks of AfterSchool, during which students had the opportunity to work with resident artist Zora Medor on two separate residency projects. “Myth Tales and Stories” explored different myths from around the world and how they explain phenomena. Students then explored the energies and bodies of the universe through their second residency titled “Universe Around Us”. Both two-week residencies culminated with students creating props and characters to perform short plays that retold the stories they learned about with Zora. The performances from both residencies are available in the [...]

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AfterSchool Arts Immersion: Program Updates for September

Greetings, AfterSchool Arts Immersion parents and guardians!   This is our first AfterSchool post, so we will include a bunch of important and relevant information below. So far, we are super pleased with the AfterSchool turnout! Already, we’ve learned just about everyone’s names and masked faces and are happy to work with such a spirited group of kids.  **Note that if you see “AAI” anywhere below or in an email, this is the ArtsCenter’s acronym for “AfterSchool Arts Immersion".  Daily Schedule  We want to remind everyone that we divide kids up based on age and rotate them with their groups [...]

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Walks in Life by Jan-Ru Wan

Project Description We live in a highly complex and complicated society, constantly facing social issues, cultural crashes and economic inequalities, both locally and globally. The COVID pandemic and related lockdowns, isolations, as well as social and economic hardships, have further exacerbated these already challenging situations. As an installation artist, Wan has experienced her own challenges. At the very onset of the pandemic, many of her solo and juried exhibitions, artist residency, community art projects were cancelled or put on hold indefinitely. These stories are all too familiar for many of us, each unique in its own way. Taken as [...]

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Art in a Pandemic: Sean Wellington

An exclusive interview with Sean Wellington by Patrick Phelps-McKeown   As the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives over the past year, many of us are turning to the arts to provide insight, human connection, and healing. The ArtsCenter’s online learning programs allow students of all ages stay creative, learn new skills, and maintain meaningful relationships with others from the comfort of their own home. The ArtSchool is excited to welcome Sean Wellington to our arts education program. We spoke with Sean about his practice during the crisis and what students will learn in his first classes, both of which [...]

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ArtSchool Instructor Spotlight: Angela Eastman

Interview by Kirsten Ehlert Welcome to our new Ceramics Studio Coordinator, Angela Eastman! We had the chance to learn more about Angela and her plans for ceramics at The ArtsCenter.    Can you tell us about your background and experience in visual art?  AE: I've always loved exploring materiality in my artwork, and I work in many different mediums to create sculptural and functional pieces. In addition to working in ceramics, I make baskets, jewelry, paper arts, and furniture through my design studio, Flag Mountain Studio.  I learned many of my technical skills through doing the Core Fellowship program at Penland School of Crafts [...]

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Youth Instructor Spotlight: Zora Medor

Interview by Kirsten Ehlert Zora is a long-time youth instructor at The ArtsCenter. She will be teaching a variety of summer ArtsCamps this year, including Let’s Make a Play, Creative Fiction Writing, and Color Blast!    Zora Medor has been 'playing' in theater since childhood - as director, playwright, actress, and generic jill-of-all-trades. In her last year at Trinity College, she discovered the magic world of filmmaking. Loving both the present-moment audience relationship of theatre as well as the potential for creating a permanent record of a dramatic idea promised via the art of film/video, she journeys along a media highway that mingles both [...]

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