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Venues in a Pandemic: Cat’s Cradle

The ArtsCenter’s new interview miniseries “Venues in a Pandemic” talks with venue owners and operators in our community about the ways the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent relief efforts have affected them and their work as presenters of live music. Interview by Patrick Phelps-McKeown.     Frank Heath is the owner of Cat's Cradle, an iconic Carrboro music venue that is also The ArtsCenter's neighbor in East Main Square. We spoke to Frank about the challenges posed by COVID and how the Cradle has found creative ways to continue operating and supporting musicians over the last year.   It’s been almost [...]

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Secret Messages

Do you love sending or receiving secret messages? If so, now you can make our own! ​Materials: White Crayon (or a taper candle) Paper WaterColor Paints   Step 1: Using your white crayon, write your message on your paper. This may be tricky because it will be hard to see where you wrote. Make sure you are using a good firm pressure when you write otherwise you might not get a clear message. I like to write over my words a couple of times to make sure there is enough crayon down.   Step 2: Add watercolor paint right over top and [...]

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Creating a Nature Paint Brush

Using Nature Paint Brushes is a great way to add some variety to your paintings. It's also a great activity to get you creating outside! Materials: -Sticks (1 per paint brush) -Rubber Bands or string (1 per paint brush) -Items from nature -Paint -Paper - larger is better!   For the sticks: make sure they aren't rotten or they might break while you are using them. You want them to be about 7" long. For your nature items: First, take a walk around your yard and see what you might be able to use. Once you have identified a few items, start [...]

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Drawing Portraits

What's the difference between a portrait and a self-portrait? A portrait is a drawing of someone else and a self-portrait is a drawing you make of yourself. You can use these steps to make either a portrait or a self-portrait! If you are making a self-portrait, you'll want to use a mirror to see all of the features of your face. Materials: Paper Pencil Pencil sharpener Eraser Step 1:  Start by drawing an upside down egg shape. Make sure you are drawing it big enough - we don't want it to be too small on the page. ​ *I am making [...]

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  What is a Zentangle? A Zentangle is a form of meditative drawing or doodling. It is abstract in nature and relies on the use of patterning to create an all over fill. It was invented by a monk named Rick Roberts and an artist named Maria Thomas. Zentangles are created all over the world by people of all ages! Materials -Blank white paper -Pencil -Pencil Sharpener -Black Marker -Colored Pencils (optional)   Let's make our own! First, make a tangle, or one long squiggly line that moves around the whole page. Now start to fill each section with a different pattern. Don't overthink it just [...]

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Let’s Make an Agamograph!

What is an Agamograph?  Also known as a Lenticular, an agamograph is an art form that uses optical illusion to create that changes when you look at it from different angles. This style of art was named after an Israeli artist named Yaacov Agam who made kinetic art, or art that moves by itself or requires the viewer to move for it to have the desired effect. ​ Here are a few examples of his work:   Now let's make our own! Materials: 2 printed copies of the template - or you can make your own One piece of paper - 16" in [...]

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