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Artist Spotlight: Sia Yazdanfar

Welcome to another segment of Artist Spotlight. It is my pleasure to introduce to some, and present to others, Photographer, Sia Yazdanfar. This June, Sia Yazdanfar's Accidental Traveller will exhibit in the Nicholson Gallery. "Boasting some of the most colorful landscape & locals I have ever encountered, Hormozgan Province borders the gulf where it meets the Strait of Hormuz, the preeminent strategic chokepoint on Earth. I believe these voyages yielded some of the most kaleidoscopic & engaging photos I have had the privilege to shoot, capturing some of the lesser known parts of the Middle East" - Sia Yazdanfar I had the pleasure of interviewing [...]

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Artist Spotlight: Mirna Ferreira

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not making Art? Traveling and exploring and learning about new cultural sites, meeting new people, and cooking and enjoying a good meal with some friends. What artistic achievement are you most proud? Creating ceramic pieces that are inspired by my multicultural upbringing and by being an art enabler to my students, friends and kids. What is your favorite thing about teaching at the ArtsCenter? Teaching and broadening kids’ horizons in a rich art environment that will spark their creativity, their confidence, and will continue to bloom throughout their lives.   [...]

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“Accidental Traveller” in Nicholson Gallery

Artist Bio I am a freelance photographer, born & raised in Iran, with extended time throughout my formative years spent in Spain, Pakistan, & Nigeria. I have resided in the United States for the majority of my adult life. A few years ago, in 2017, I went back to my motherland to reconnect with my roots & explore the timeless traditions & trades of different regions in the country. My series of exhibitions upon my return stateside served as a visual tapestry of the millennia-old architectural wonders of Iran. In 2020, at the peak of the pandemic, I traveled once [...]

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Artist Spotlight: Jan-Ru Wan

  https://youtu.be/kkv7ywP6-Yg Welcome to another segment of "Artist Spotlight." It is my pleasure to introduce to some, and present to others, artist Jan-Ru Wan. For the month of May, Jan-Ru Wan's Unspeakables will be displayed in the Nicholson Gallery for all to peruse and experience. The opening reception for Unspeakables is on May 13 at 7 p.m. at The ArtsCenter in Carrboro, NC. It will feature musical selections from Sisters' Voices. This stunning exhibition tells a story of many women who have experienced violence and oppression. Unspeakables gives a voice to those who feel as though they have lost [...]

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“Unspeakables” in Nicholson Gallery

            In my three-decade art career, materials have played an important role in my installations. As an introverted child who rarely spoke in public, I found my voice through making things and presenting objects as metaphors, which became the vocabulary of my art.  In this exhibition, I use various materials to address a range of human experience, such as, longing, abandonment, loss, constraint, chaos and horror. In my work,  “Lost Footing,” I include dyed, printed and hand sewn silk organza; armrests from discarded theater seats; and various objects collected from dumpsters, streets, and my archives [...]

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Artist Spotlight: Instructor Christy King

I have taught my alla prima still life oil painting course three times in the past year at The ArtsCenter.  Each group of students was wonderful to get to know over the five weeks, and I am grateful to collaborate with The ArtsCenter to provide an opportunity for people to try something new and learn a skill that they can continue to practice and develop at home. My favorite thing about teaching at The ArtsCenter is sharing my love of painting with others.  I also love watching students become friends throughout the weeks and being part of the local arts [...]

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