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Chatham County Artist Guild Preview (Currently in The Nicholson Gallery through November 30th)

Chatham Artists Guild 2021 Studio Tour Preview Exhibition November 1 – 29 The 29th Annual Chatham Artists Guild Studio Tour kicks off with a Preview Exhibition at The ArtsCenter during November. The Guild’s member artists will provide a delightful taste of what’s to come when they open their studios during the first two weekends of December. The enduring tradition in Chatham County attracts art lovers and patrons from across the state as well as from down the street. For many it marks the beginning of the holiday season. Come meet the artists at a reception here at The ArtsCenter [...]

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AfterSchool Arts Immersion – November

Hi, all AfterSchool Arts Immersion parents and guardians!    As November rolls along, we wanted to write another post with a couple of reminders about our dates of operation, as well as some extra info about our artists and daily programming!  AfterSchool Arts Immersion (AAI) is almost halfway over for 2021-2022. This month, our programming has a few breaks, including:  Thursday, November 11th – this holiday is a MiniCamp day at AAI. Pre-registration is required with our max capacity of 20 students. Note: this MiniCamp is full.  The week of Monday, November 22nd through Friday, November 26th – this week, AAI [...]

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AfterSchool Arts Immersion – More October Updates

Happy October AfterSchool Arts Immersion Parents and Guardians!  This blog post contains updates about this month’s AAI programming as well as some MiniCamp information moving forward.  As many of you know, our Minicamps for the months of September through November were covered by grant funding this year. Tuition was included for everyone enrolled in the AfterSchool Arts Immersion Program. However, beginning with our first spring MiniCamp on January 24, 2022, we will charge an $80.00 public rate and a discounted rate of $68.00 for patrons. Additionally, we will cap the number of students for future MiniCamps to 20 students, so please make sure you register your student using the links below:  November 1 (Monday) November 2 (Tuesday) November 11 (Thursday)  Please refer to our first blog post, linked here, for other upcoming [...]

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The Colour Purple by Rox Campbell

Exhibition Statement  The Colour Purple is a collection of unabashed moments that are a part of a larger story connecting rituals and burial practices of a Zion Revival congregation in Kingston, Jamaica to practices and rituals across the African Diaspora. Destabilizing western ideologies these images recenter a practice, grounded in connectivity, history, and identity. I wanted to document their celebratory practices, which are deeply rooted in history, strung together by music, language, love, and their African heritage. In an attempt to capture some semblance of truth, The Colour Purple grounds the viewer in visual participation. The Colour Purple represents [...]

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AfterSchool – September + October Updates

Greetings, Afterschool Arts Immersion Parents and Guardians!  We’ve wrapped up our first four weeks of AfterSchool, during which students had the opportunity to work with resident artist Zora Medor on two separate residency projects. “Myth Tales and Stories” explored different myths from around the world and how they explain phenomena. Students then explored the energies and bodies of the universe through their second residency titled “Universe Around Us”. Both two-week residencies culminated with students creating props and characters to perform short plays that retold the stories they learned about with Zora. The performances from both residencies are available in the [...]

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AfterSchool Arts Immersion: Program Updates for September

Greetings, AfterSchool Arts Immersion parents and guardians!   This is our first AfterSchool post, so we will include a bunch of important and relevant information below. So far, we are super pleased with the AfterSchool turnout! Already, we’ve learned just about everyone’s names and masked faces and are happy to work with such a spirited group of kids.  **Note that if you see “AAI” anywhere below or in an email, this is the ArtsCenter’s acronym for “AfterSchool Arts Immersion".  Daily Schedule  We want to remind everyone that we divide kids up based on age and rotate them with their groups [...]

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