Youth Instructor Spotlight: Zora Medor

Interview by Kirsten Ehlert

Zora is a long-time youth instructor at The ArtsCenter. She will be teaching a variety of summer ArtsCamps this year, including Let’s Make a Play, Creative Fiction Writing, and Color Blast! 

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Zora Medor has been ‘playing’ in theater since childhood – as director, playwright, actress, and generic jill-of-all-trades. In her last year at Trinity College, she discovered the magic world of filmmaking. Loving both the present-moment audience relationship of theatre as well as the potential for creating a permanent record of a dramatic idea promised via the art of film/video, she journeys along a media highway that mingles both paths. A UNC-Greensboro MFA graduate in film/video and drama production, she continues to work in both theater and film/video production, often working on several projects simultaneously. She thoroughly delights in the fresh perspectives offered by teaching students of all ages, and loves directing neophytes as well as professional actors. She has received awards, fellowships and grants from the Bricolage Arts Festival, Greensboro Bicentennial, Building Stronger Neighborhoods (Greensboro, NC), NC United Arts Council, UNC-Greensboro, Vermont Council for the Arts, Trinity College Theater Productions, etc. to educate, as well as write, direct and produce plays and movies. 

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not making art?
ZM: Participate in meaningful creative conversations on universal topics. Read a wide range of books. Dance and sing.

What artistic achievement are you most proud of?
ZM: Developing and producing the Good Green Fun Fair – event that combined theatre with educational classes and activities for health and wellness and eco-sustainable living for everyone.

What is your favorite thing about teaching at The ArtsCenter?
ZM: Teaching and learning from the amazingly creative and intelligent students that make up the classes here. 

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