Interested in exhibiting your work in the Nicholson Gallery? Contact Deputy Director Mark Bettger at mbettger@artscenterlive.org.

July 1 – 25 Exhibition

2022 Exhibitions

in the Nicholson Gallery

January: Holiday Show

February: Renzo Ortega (Curator), Steven Silverleaf, Allison Coleman

March: Peter Marin

April: Marcelle Kick

May: Jan-Ru Wan

June: Sia Yazdanfar

July: Donavan Zimmerman Paperhand Puppet Intervention

August: Lisa Philipps

September: Pierce Boshelly

October: Holden Richards

November: Chatham Artists Guild

December: ArtSchool Instructors’ Winter Gift Market

2022 Exhibitions

January: TBD

February: TBD

March: Pat Perrin

April: Linda Yankowsky

The ArtsCenter is pleased to host two gallery spaces for exhibition. The Nicholson Gallery and the Corridor Gallery present a combined total of 20+ shows annually, ranging from solo, two-person or small group exhibits to large group or juried exhibitions. The Nicholson Gallery offers approximately 90 linear feet of exhibition space and features high ceilings and skylights that create an open and inviting atmosphere. The Corridor Gallery offers approximately 40 linear feet of exhibition space and features track lighting. The intimate nature of this gallery works best for small works and allows for a more personal experience between viewer and artwork.

The mission of The ArtsCenter and its Galleries is to foster an appreciation of art and to ignite conversation and critical thinking within our community. We do this by displaying work that is contemporary, diverse, and spans a wide range of media.

We are not a commercial gallery but works are generally available for sale at the majority of shows exhibited in our galleries. Exhibiting artists receive the proceeds of all sales minus a 35% commission. Artists exhibiting in our galleries will receive a simple 1 ½ page contract detailing all the terms and conditions.

Most exhibitions are displaying for one month rotating during the first week of each month. The ArtsCenter hosts gallery openings during the monthly Second Friday ArtWalks. Our Galleries are free and open to the public and over 24,000 visit our space annually. The Galleries are open during The ArtsCenter’s building hours most days from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (check website for more information).

If you are interested in exhibiting your work:

The ArtsCenter welcomes artists working in any medium to apply for consideration by our exhibitions panel. While we do ask that there be physical work on the walls (or shelves/pedestals) for the duration of the show, we are open to temporal components such as a corresponding one-night performance.

All artwork must be original or limited edition prints or photographs. We ask that the majority of work shown be completed within the last two years. Priority will be given to artists submitting proposals for shows that have not already been exhibited in the Triangle.

Please see our Gallery Map for more information about the layout of these spaces:

Interested in exhibiting your work in the Nicholson Gallery? Fill out the exhibition interest form today!

  1. An artist statement, CV, and/or bio – this need not be extensive but should describe your background in making art
  2. A description of the body of work that you would like to display in our gallery and why it is a good fit for the space and mission of our gallery and organization. Please explain briefly what you are communicating through your work and how your work relates to our community.
  3. 3-5 images of work (JPEG, 72 dpi, and 1200 pixels or greater on the longest side). The images submitted should be representative of the body of work that you are proposing exhibiting in the gallery.
  4. A title sheet that includes the artist’s name and Title, Medium, Date, and Size for each work. Please number these and include the corresponding number in the file name of the images. Ex. Smith_1, Smith_2
  5. Link to website and/or Facebook or Instagram Page

Past Exhibitions


January: Tom Simon (Online), Tom Simon (Online)

February: Tom Simon (Online)

March: Tom Simon (Online)

April: NCCU Visions Student Exhibition (Online)

May: Jan-Ru Wan (Online)

June: Jan-Ru Wan (Online)

July: The Nicholson Foundation

August: Paperhand Puppet Intervention

September: Rox Campbell – The Colour Purple

October: Orange County Artist Guild Preview

November: Chatham County Artist Guild Preview

December: Holiday Show


December: postponed due to COVID-19

November: postponed due to COVID-19

October: postponed due to COVID-19

September: postponed due to COVID-19

August: Cade Carlson (Online)

July: Cade Carlson (Online)

June: Gil Croy (Online)

May: postponed due to COVID-19

April: postponed due to COVID-19

March: Sean Bailey / Mike Keaveney (Nicholson Gallery)

February:  Bronwyn Merritt (Nicholson Gallery), NCCU Faculty Show (Corridor Gallery)

January: Joe McDonough (Nicholson Gallery), NCCU Faculty Show (Corridor Gallery)


December: Elf Market Group Show (Nicholson & Corridor Galleries)

November: Chatham Artists Guild (Nicholson & Corridor Galleries)

October: Trudy Thomson & Dawn Hummer (Nicholson Gallery), Philip Rosoff (Corridor Gallery)

September: Allison Tierney (Nicholson Gallery), The ArtsCenter’s Annual Faculty & Student Exhibit (Corridor Gallery)

August: HERENCIA Juried Group Show in collaboration with Diamante Arts & Culture (Nicholson & Corridor Galleries)

July: Paperhand Puppet Intervention (Nicholson Gallery), AfterSchool Arts Immersion (Corridor Gallery)

June: Truth + Tamales (Nicholson Gallery), AfterSchool Arts Immersion (Corridor Gallery)

May: Joy Meyer (Nicholson Gallery), Tim Williams (Corridor Gallery)

April: Ely Urbanski (Nicholson Gallery), NCCU Digital Pre-Production (Corridor Gallery)

March: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Student Exhibit (Nicholson & Corridor Galleries)

February:  Ben Hamburger (Nicholson Gallery), Telvin Wallace (Corridor Gallery)

January: Danielle James (Nicholson Gallery), Linda Yankowsky (Corridor Gallery)


December: The ArtsCenter’s Holiday Group Show (Nicholson & Corridor Galleries)

November: Chatham Artists Guild (Nicholson & Corridor Galleries)

October: Karin Neuvirth (Nicholson Gallery)

September: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Faculty Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Emily Lees (Corridor Gallery)

August: Renzo Ortega (Nicholson Gallery), Sarah Koppelkam (Corridor Gallery)

July: Paperhand Puppet Intervention (Nicholson Gallery), Kathleen Grebe (Corridor Gallery)

June: Layered Lives (Nicholson Gallery), Art Therapy Institute (Corridor Gallery)

May: Sacred Arts Tour (Nicholson Gallery), Mike Justice (Corridor Gallery)

April: Laura Hughes (Nicholson Gallery), Dorian Monsalve (Corridor Gallery)

March: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Student Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Michael Neal Patrick (Corridor Gallery)

February:  Triangle Visual Artists (Nicholson Gallery), Jane Cheek (Corridor Gallery)

January: Jenny Eggleston (Corridor Gallery)


December: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Community Art Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Melanie See (Corridor Gallery)

November: Chatham Artists Guild (Nicholson Gallery), The ArtsCenter’s AfterSchool Immersion Kids (Corridor Gallery)

October: Jesse Kalisher and staff (Nicholson Gallery), SASS ART (Corridor Gallery)

September: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Instructor Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Vera Reed (Corridor Gallery)

August: Paperhand Puppets (Nicholson Gallery), Sara Reynolds (Corridor Gallery)

July: Paperhand Puppets (Nicholson Gallery), Onicas Gaddis (Corridor Gallery)

June: Saving Our Pollinators: NC Botanical Garden with Matthew Leavitt, and Miriam Sagasti, (Nicholson Gallery), Carola Bailey (Corridor Gallery)

May: Nico Amortegui (Nicholson Gallery), Meredith Bridges (Corridor Gallery)

April: William Moore (Nicholson Gallery), Tanya Sue Todd (Corridor Gallery)

March: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Student Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Allison Tierney (Corridor Gallery)

February: Jphono1 (Nicholson Gallery), Don Rose (Corridor Gallery)

January: Chad Hughes (Nicholson Gallery), Kristina Keeter (Corridor Gallery)


December: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Community Art Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), The ArtsCenter’s AfterSchool Immersion Kids (ArtsCenter Corridor)

November: Chatham Artists Guild (Nicholson Gallery), William Drewitz (ArtsCenter Corridor)

October: Jonathan Davis and Colin Javel (Nicholson Gallery), Adam Dodds (ArtsCenter Corridor)

September: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Instructor Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Young Children’s Art Exhibit (ArtsCenter Corridor)

August: Lamar Whidbee (Nicholson Gallery), Katy Gollahon (ArtsCenter Corridor)

July: Paperhand Puppets (Nicholson Gallery), Shelby Bass (ArtsCenter Corridor)

June: Lisa Bartell (Nicholson Gallery), Lyudmila Tomova (ArtsCenter Corridor)

May: Pierce Boshelly (Nicholson Gallery), Lisa Parrott (ArtsCenter Corridor)

April: Youth Community Project Group Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Jason Abide and students’ work (ArtsCenter Corridor)

March: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Student Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), ArtsCenter Afterschool Immersion student work (ArtsCenter Corridor)

February: Katherine Armacost (Nicholson Gallery), Peter AndersonJuliana Rodriguez (ArtsCenter Corridor)

January:  Constance Pappalardo & Erin Oliver (Nicholson Gallery), Claire Drysdale (ArtsCenter Corridor)


December: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Community Art Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Amy Keenan-Amago (Corridor Gallery)

November: Chatham Artists Guild (Nicholson Gallery), Susan Ford (Corridor Gallery)

October: Laura Berendsen Hughes (Nicholson Gallery), Matthew Ford (Corridor Gallery)

September: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Instructor Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Robert Votta (Corridor Gallery)

August: The ArtsCenter’s Community Art Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Nancy Smith (Corridor Gallery)

July: We’re All in This Together Paperhand Puppet‘s  (Nicholson Gallery), Kendal Brown (Corridor Gallery)

June: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Art Auction (Nicholson Gallery), People and Places by Joel Gendelman (Corridor Gallery)

May: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Community Photography Contest (Nicholson Gallery), Brushes with Life (Corridor Gallery)

April: Horizon Lines Peter Wilkie (Nicholson Gallery), Fab Bianchi (Corridor Gallery)

March: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Student Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Orange County Partnership for Young Children (Corridor Gallery)

February: BOOM! presented by Jphono1 (Nicholson Gallery), Jillian Dickson (Corridor Gallery)

January: Mind the Gap Grayson Bowen (Nicholson Gallery), Amanda Charest (Corridor Gallery)


December: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Community Art Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Sharon Stevens (Corridor Gallery)

November: The Newcomers Club of Chapel Hill (Nicholson Gallery), Anna Crawford Gem Inspired (Corridor Gallery)

October: We Are the Music Makers! (Nicholson Gallery), Selected Works by Moriah LeFebvre (2010-2014) (Corridor Gallery)

September: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Instructor Exhibit (Nicholson Gallery), Donna Stubbs Estranged Family Tree (Corridor Gallery)

August: Jason Abide, Sarah Savanna Roach, Matt Smith, Amanda Barr, and Laura Korch All Manner of Life

July: Paperhand Puppet Intervention Seeing the Ancient: A Paperhand Retrospective

June: Mezzanine Mezzmerizd

May: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Community Photography Contest

April: Lynn Bregman BlassSteven Silverleaf, and Carol Retsch-Bogart Explorations of Surface and Color Within the Tradition of Painting 

March: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Student Exhibit

February: Michael Polomik The Piercing Gaze of Royalty

January: Roger Kellison Photographs & Collage 


November & December: The ArtsCenter’s 2nd Annual Community Art Exhibit

October: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Faculty Exhibit

September: North Carolina Textiles: The Fabric of a State

August: Deneé Black Urban Perspectives

July: Paperhand Puppet‘s Pageant of Possibilities

June: Rob Amberg Madison County — Past and Present: Photographs by Rob Amberg

May: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Community Photo Contest

April: Jason Abide and Matt Smith 2 Birds

March: The ArtsCenter’s Annual Student Exhibit

February: Matthew Pfahlert Death of Cool: Poster Art of Matt Pfahlert

January: Jason Craighead Gesture