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Ignite a lifelong love of art with our AfterSchool program

Our popular AfterSchool program combines quality care with exceptional art education, creating an empowering sanctuary for children's creativity. Catering to students from grades K-5, our after school program invites children into the world of diverse art forms, fostering their confidence, and promoting holistic development.

Under the nurturing guidance of local teaching artists, children get to immerse themselves in a colorful palette of art classes, ranging from Creative Drama to African Drumming, from Printmaking to Ceramics. Our after school programs are designed not just to cultivate their artistic talents, but also to bolster their emotional, social, and cognitive skills. They learn the value of perseverance, the thrill of discovery, and the joy of self-expression.

Our AfterSchool program also emphasizes on creating a safe and supportive space for children to experiment, learn from their mistakes, and further enhance their unique talents. With a carefully curated schedule that balances creative learning and recharge, we ensure your child's AfterSchool hours are both enriching and enjoyable.

Our AfterSchool Programs

Choose from flexible 3 or 5-day options, with transportation provided for public schools in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Join us on this exciting journey where children discover their potential, learn new skills, make friends, and ultimately, have a lot of fun! Use our scheduler below or click here to schedule directly on our registration platform (LOG IN TO AMILIA HERE).


Investing in young artists

At The ArtsCenter, we trust in the transformative potential of art to inspire and elevate every child. Through our scholarship program, we're delighted to broaden this possibility to families who require assistance. This is our commitment to guarantee that every child has the opportunity to unfurl their creative potential. Because the realm of creativity should remain unfettered by economic constraints.
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Hear From Our AfterSchool Stars!

The ArtsCenter isn't just a place, it's an experience. And who better to share the AfterSchool experience than the families who have lived it? See how our AfterSchool program has nurtured creativity, inspired confidence, and built a community of budding artists in Orange County.
"I appreciate how organized everything is and how much communication we receive."
"The cultivation of friendships while doing fun activities is really important It is so hard for her to make friends, so it is so wonderful that she has something to look forward to."
"Our child always comes home so excited to tell us about the exciting different art projects!"
"Our daughter has really enjoyed this program. We were nervous about how young she is, but she seems to be thriving! Thank you!"

Frequently asked questions

What are the pricing options for the AfterSchool program?

We offer a three-day option (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and a five-day option (Monday through Friday).

Three-Day Option: $1,275 in installments ($255 now / 3 monthly installments of $340)

Five-Day Option: $1,875 in installments ($375 now / 3 monthly installments of $500)

What is the daily schedule for the Art Intensives for Grades K-5?

Our daily schedule is as follows:

2:45-3:20 PM – Student Drop-off (please pack a snack or provide $1 to buy a snack)
3:20-4:05 PM – Art Class Session I
4:05-4:35 PM – Break/Transition
4:35-5:30 PM – Art Class Session II
5:30-6:00 PM – Student Pick-up

We've designed this schedule to maximize your child's engagement with the arts while also providing necessary breaks for relaxation and snack times. Tuesdays and Thursdays provide more free time for indivual exploration through staff-led use of our Makerspaces. Kids learn to be creative with craft projects and STEAM activites.

How is the warm welcome at The ArtsCenter?

Every afternoon, our dedicated AAI Leaders greet the young artists at the north entrance of new building, ensuring their safe journey from school to an afternoon filled with creativity. Our staff will always ask the bus driver if a student on our list does not arrive at The ArtsCenter.

How do I inform people about absences?

If your child is absent, please email Annalise Bocko at any time before 1pm on that day. If you need to contact us during AfterSchool hours, please call our parent information line at 919-561-5960. If we are expecting your child on a scheduled day but they do not arrive, we will email, text, or call you to check that they are safe with you. 

What is the cancellation policy?

According to our AfterSchool Immersion cancellation policy, you can cancel your registration up to 28 days before the program starts. This gives us enough time to offer the spot to another student. You can do this by yourself through our mobile app or your account dashboard. If you cancel, we'll charge you a $25 admin fee for the cancellation and then refund the rest.  

If you want to leave the program or change your student's schedule after the program has started, you'll need to let us know. Please send an email at least 4 weeks in advance of any planned changes to our Director of Education, Alton Tisino, at We bill tuition every month, and we can't adjust the bill if you're only there for part of the month. We also can't keep spots open if your student needs to be absent for some time during the year. If your student is going to be absent for 2 weeks or more, you'll still need to pay the full month's tuition to keep their spot in the program. 

When and what is the monthly Family Sharing Night?

Family Sharing Night is a monthly event where students get the chance to showcase what they've learned in their classes. It's a wonderful opportunity for parents and families to engage with our community, meet our staff, and celebrate their children's achievements. The event typically takes place on the last friday of each month, but the specific date and time can vary, so please check our calendar for the most accurate information.

How does transportation to The ArtsCenter after school program work?

CHCCS provides transportation from public schools in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. During registration, please let us know if your child requires this service. After receiving your request, we'll submit a roster to the CHCCS transportation office. They will assign a bus number for each school that will travel to TAC. We will then notify parents of these assigned bus numbers, and it's the parents' responsibility to inform their child's teacher about the assigned bus number for their child to take at the end of the school day.

How can I support the AfterSchool Program?

To the ArtsCenter patrons and guests wishing to give to support our Youth Education programs – please check out our Amazon Wish List! Please bring any and all of these materials during our business hours. We are happy to provide the appropriate tax documents and appreciate your support of The ArtsCenter!
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