Pure Pigment: Pastel Paintings by Tim Williams in the ArtsCenter Corridor

Pure Pigment: Pastel Paintings by Tim Williams

Opening Reception: Friday, May 10th
From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

“I started painting six years ago, a retirement project. I had taken a drawing class here at the Arts Center in which one student was using pastels. I fell in love, with the rich colors, the softness, the immediacy.

I enjoyed the learning process: how to create depth using linear and atmospheric perspective, using light and dark values to show three dimensions, creating mood and drama by expressing the play of light on trees, building, people.

I’ve tried portraits and still lifes but most enjoy landscapes, urban and rural. Capturing the loveliness of nature and intricacy of architecture is a joy.

I have learned so much from other artists, most especially my two teachers Herb Slapo and Kim Werfel. Kim constantly encourages and challenges me.

I am feeling my way towards a personal style, a sort of soft-edged realism I suppose, and building confidence. I have always loved looking at art. I never expected, this late in my life, to be creating it.”

— Tim Williams

Exhibition runs May 6th-31st, 2019