ArtsCenter Parking Lot Closed for Re-sealing

UPDATE 11/4: “The parking lot in front of the 300 building and the side lot east of the ArtsCenter will be closed all day and night Tuesday for resealing and restriping. The main driveway and the parking spaces adjacent to the 300-building sidewalk will remain open, but as was the case last Monday the exit drive next to the former Ba Da Wings space will be closed so the only exit will be the right-out drive next to the new building.

On Tuesday and Tuesday night, please stay out of the closed areas even after the work is done so the sealant and striping paint can dry. Access to the parking deck will be open the entire time and the parking lot will reopen early Wednesday morning.

Thanks for your cooperation.”

{UPDATE:  As you’ve noticed, the schedule is deviating from what was in my email last week. In an attempt to better coordinate things with the work going on at the traffic signal and the new building where Seagrove Pottery used to be, some pavement-patching will occur before the resealing is complete. The good news is that the second entrance/exit will be open while most of this work is going on.}

“From Monday through Wednesday, most of the front parking lot will be blocked off to reseal the asphalt and repaint the parking-space stripes. The main entrance at Lloyd Street, the driveway running from there through the property to behind the TJ’s building, and the parking spaces closest to the 300 building will remain open the entire time. However, the rest of the parking lot and the driveway just west of the former Ba Da Wings space will be closed. Vehicles will need to exit the property at the new right-turn exit next to the new building.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and will reopen driveways and parking areas as quickly as possible and during interim times when possible.”

We at the ArtsCenter will continue to keep you up-to-date on these upgrades as they progress.

Thanks for your patience during this time.