The ArtsCenter’s Holiday Group Show in the Nicholson Gallery

The ArtsCenter’s Holiday Group Show

Opening Reception: Friday, December 14th
From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Lauren deSerres, Proud Chicken Studio
Lauren works in acrylic paint on wood and prints. She explores themes of humor and nature in her work – from woodland creatures playing Bluegrass to vivid depictions of medicinal herbs and flowers. Lauren enjoys telling stories and making people laugh through her work.

Wayland House
The creation of woodblock prints; carved from veneer plywood. Each print is hand rubbed & printed on Asian printing paper. “The wood grain in the master plate gives my art its uniqueness in color variations & print tonality.” Subject Matter: * “The Aspirations & Dreams of Our Youth series” * “Spiritual Images” ** “West African Village Landscape Scenes” * * “Zodiac Symbolism” * Education: B.A. degree, Avila Univ., Kansas City, MO., M.F.A. degree, Howard Univ., Washington, D.C. Received a study grant in printmaking from the Univ. of Memphis, on location at the Univ. of Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Jade Wu
Jade Wu is originally from Beijing, and by way of a few places around the world, has happily found her home in Durham. Some of her favorite things are: wildlife, mountains, water, sun and stone, large kitchens, books, paper, wood, clay, cloth, dogs. Jade studied drawing at the Beijing Art Academy as a child, and later was introduced to acrylic and oil painting by Taiwanese artist Hank Ma during her teens. She has since developed her own styles in oil and watercolor, which emphasizes stillness in wildlife. Her work is primarily representational, with aesthetic influences from traditional Chinese painting, including the use of negative space, calligraphy, and minimalist compositions. She has exhibited in Beijing, Toronto, Ithaca, Boston, and Chapel Hill.

Maria Frati
Maria Frati creates relief woodcarvings inspired by natural elements. She is interested in representing personal narratives about regional environment. Maria has been an artist in residence for the National Parks System and the city of Gainesville, Florida. She earned an MA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore and has exhibited artwork in Seattle, Baltimore, Portland, Maine and New York City.

John Harrison
From his early days holding the sticks and cadence of The Comas, John Harrison has grown into a consummate veteran of the N.C. scene. For over a decade now, he has helmed the lush and loud rock outfit North Elementary while helping hold the reins of Potluck Foundation, a far reaching collective of musicians who consistently turn out quality releases from a myriad of artists. More recently, Jphono1 has been a solo outlet for John that he uses to explore the quieter side of his sonic life and his passion for vivid, surreal visual arts through the medium of screen-printing.

Exhibition on display in the Nicholson and Corridor Galleries from December 1st – 21st.