A Matter of Form by Allison Tierney in the Nicholson Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, September 13th
From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

A Matter of Form is an inconsequential act that one performs despite its lack of requirement. These paintings are a way for me to work through the guilt I feel when an object is to be thrown away or no longer has use. I feel sympathy for unwanted objects and also a sense of responsibility to be conscious about their disposal. I feel this even if an object was not originally mine. The making of these works attempts to offer the object a second chance, to restore a sense of being, and to combat the overfilling of landfills – a task I will never succeed in, done as a matter of form.

In these works, form has multiple meanings. Form is the object or material itself; the shape of the brushstroke; the various parts and the eventual work as a whole. Much like the clothes in our closet, the materials and objects embedded in these paintings provide them with a unique context, a sense of identity.

Exhibition runs September 2nd-30th, 2019