Artist Spotlight: Instructor Christy King

April 12, 2022

I have taught my alla prima still life oil painting course three times in the past year at The ArtsCenter.  Each group of students was wonderful to get to know over the five weeks, and I am grateful to collaborate with The ArtsCenter to provide an opportunity for people to try something new and learn a skill that they can continue to practice and develop at home.

My favorite thing about teaching at The ArtsCenter is sharing my love of painting with others.  I also love watching students become friends throughout the weeks and being part of the local arts community as an educator.  It’s so wonderful that folks take time out of their busy schedules to spend a few hours a week painting.  I get to paint most of the week and I know the inner peace that the flow and focus at the easel can bring, so I’m thrilled for my students that they can carve out the time to take an art class and experience that.

It brings me so much joy to facilitate the learning that goes on across the course.  While there is a mix of experience levels, many of my students haven’t painted in years or decades, and it’s a gift to see them grow from being unsure how to load paint on the brush on day one to painting a full still life by the end of our time together.  The direct method of alla prima painting, combined with the simple subject of still life, gives them a supportive learning environment to get comfortable practicing with paint and being creative.  I can’t wait to teach again in the fall and meet another cohort of new painters!

-Christy King