AfterSchool Arts Immersion: Program Updates for September

September 10, 2021

Greetings, AfterSchool Arts Immersion parents and guardians!  

This is our first AfterSchool post, so we will include a bunch of important and relevant information below. So far, we are super pleased with the AfterSchool turnout! Already, we’ve learned just about everyone’s names and masked faces and are happy to work with such a spirited group of kids. 

**Note that if you see “AAI” anywhere below or in an email, this is the ArtsCenter’s acronym for “AfterSchool Arts Immersion”. 

Daily Schedule 

We want to remind everyone that we divide kids up based on age and rotate them with their groups through three activities, which makes our daily schedule look like this: 


We have had a lot of questions about minicamps. Minicamps are held on most teacher workdays and are a separate fee from tuition. Please refer to our “October Updates” blog post for more information. You can look for an email with a link to pre-register a few weeks before the minicamp occurs. Right now, our schedule for Minicamps is 9am-4pm on the dates below:  

If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact either Education Coordinator Hannah McKinney at or Director of Education Heather Bucurel at 

AfterSchool Arts Immersion Rules 

We want to inform and remind everyone that our AAI rules for students and staff are: 

  • Take care of yourself. 
  • Take care of others. 
  • Take care of our space and materials. 
  • Everyone gets to play and learn. 

COVID-19 Updates 

Here is a link to the ArtsCenter’s AfterSchool Arts Immersion’s COVID-19 policy, located on our website under “Youth”, “AfterSchool”, in a tab with a plus sign labelled “AAI COVID-19 Policy”. We will update the policy as the pandemic continues to develop and change. Our current policy mainly reflects that of the Chapel Hill Carrboro School District policy, located here for reference.

Family Sharing and Performances 

As was the policy for ArtsCamp, there will be NO Family Sharing on Fridays. Instead, if the artist in residence prepares kids for a performance or showing, we will share pictures and videos with you through Microsoft SharePoint. All parents should have received a link to a Microsoft folder labeled by your child’s age group. Folders are either labeled, “K-1”, “2-3”, or “4-5”. This is where we will upload any relevant performance videos and content going forward.  

Payment Schedule

In years past, the ArtsCenter has collected AfterSchool Arts Immersion payment on the 15th of every month. This year, we are going to collect payment on the 1st of the month beginning October 1st. It is an “autodraft” of sorts, meaning if we already have your payment information, we will automatically take the payment out the 1st* of the month. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact either Education Coordinator Hannah McKinney at or Director of Education Heather Bucurel at 

*If the 1st of the month falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we will collect payment the following Monday. If the first of the month is a holiday, we will collect payment the following business day.


Those are the updates we have so far! Thank you for joining the ArtsCenter this fall – we look forward to a safe and awesome school year!