Youth Instructor Spotlight: Mirna Ferreira

Interview by Kirsten Ehlert

Mirna Ferreira is a visual artist who loves to teach hand building and clay sculpture. She will be teaching in-person youth arts classes this spring and summer. We had a chance to connect with Mirna and learn more about her!


What do you like to do for fun when you’re not creating art?

MF: What I like to travel and explore, learn about new historic sites, meet new people, read books, and cook a good meal to enjoy with some friends!


What artistic achievement are you most proud of?

MF: The artistic achievement I’m most proud of, is making ceramics and working on the interior design of my house.


What is your favorite thing about teaching at The ArtsCenter?

MF: My favorite thing about teaching at the ArtCenter is my students. I love connecting and interacting with them. I get to work in a fun creative setting every day which is exciting.