Spotlight on Silent Auction Artist Rusty McDonald

Rusty McDonald
Rusty McDonald

Rusty McDonald is a fine art photographer and artist based in North Carolina. His work is multi layered photographic illustration often classified as magic and imaginary realism. Steeped in esotericism and symbolism, his images exist in both realistic and fantastical worlds. He has crafted a meticulous process that combines photography, and digital artistry techniques, such as texturizing, layering and compositing, with digitally painted backgrounds, real photographic elements and intuition, a kind of visual alchemy. The result are atmospheric images, elusively romantic and timeless in their historical placement, painterly yet subtle, imbued with a slight wink towards old master art. A lifelong study of mythology, ancient storytelling and the world’s mysteries. A few of his influences are esoteric traditions, late and classical antiquity. metaphysics, literature, nature and spirituality.

Rusty has exhibited his work in many galleries in the US as well as abroad. His work was most recently exhibited at the theArter galerie in Berlin alongside the works of artists such as HR Giger. In 2014 his work was shown in Berlin, Detroit, New York and Seattle. McDonald’s art has been featured in numerous magazines as well as on books and album covers. He is an artist with a passion for the artist/artist collaboration.

Rusty has generously donated a dye-injected print of his original digital illustration, The Laurel, to The ArtsCenter’s Silent Auction, on display throughout the month of June in the Nicholson Gallery.  To place a bid for this artwork, visit our box office  or call us at (919) 929-2787.  Bids starting at $100 will be accepted until 5PM on June 28th.

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