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“Unspeakables” in Nicholson Gallery

            In my three-decade art career, materials have played an important role in my installations. As an introverted child who rarely spoke in public, I found my voice through making things and presenting objects as metaphors, which became the vocabulary of my art.  In this exhibition, I use various materials to address a range of human experience, such as, longing, abandonment, loss, constraint, chaos and horror. In my work,  “Lost Footing,” I include dyed, printed and hand sewn silk organza; armrests from discarded theater seats; and various objects collected from dumpsters, streets, and my archives [...]

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Artist Spotlight: Instructor Christy King

I have taught my alla prima still life oil painting course three times in the past year at The ArtsCenter.  Each group of students was wonderful to get to know over the five weeks, and I am grateful to collaborate with The ArtsCenter to provide an opportunity for people to try something new and learn a skill that they can continue to practice and develop at home. My favorite thing about teaching at The ArtsCenter is sharing my love of painting with others.  I also love watching students become friends throughout the weeks and being part of the local arts [...]

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Artist Spotlight: Marcelle Kick

  One of the things I absolutely enjoy about being a Gallery Manager is that I have the pleasure of meeting fellow artists. For the Month of April, Marcelle Kick's "Renew" exhibition will hang in the Nicholson Gallery for all to peruse and enjoy. This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kick about "Renew" and the creative process. Below is a transcript of that interview. "Newsprint, packing paper, and other various discards were utilized with acrylic paint, graphite, paint pens and soft pastels." -Marcelle Kick CHASYAH SCOTT: How long have you been creating art? MARCELLE KICK: I have been creating various [...]

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Renew at the Nicolson Gallery

                                          Artist Bio From an early age I enjoyed being creative.  In the 3rd grade I won “best log cabin” to be exhibited in the Elementary school art show.  I remember my teachers kept asking if my Mother had helped me make it, and I kept saying “No.” (why were they asking me that?) At that point, my love for art and design was cemented.   In 1992, I graduated from ECU with a BFA in Environmental Design.  The last [...]

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Artist Spotlight: Peter Marin

This month I had the privilege of interviewing artist, Peter Marin. Marin's exhibition, "Weight as Real" now hangs in the Nicholson Gallery at The ArtsCenter. During this interview we discussed a variety of topics such as the inspiration behind "Weight as Real." Below is an excerpt from our conversation. For more information about Peter Marin, contact petermarinartworks@gmail.com. How long have you been painting? I have been painting for 31 years. What are your inspirations for your exhibition? The practice of painting, and the subjects of color and structure are the sources for my work. What do like most about creating masterpieces? Masterpieces? I [...]

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“Weight As Real” In Nicolson Gallery

Peter Marín was born and raised in Mexico City. Marín has been painting for 30 years, is the owner of Peter Marin Artworks and is currently represented by Charlotte Russell Contemporary   Marín’s abstract painting references architecture, landscape, sacred geometry, identity and uses the languages of color and structure. Working outside the expected Latino narrative serves to amplify the notion that Latino artists work in diverse idioms.   Marin’s works to further the discussion on abstraction, moving it from formalist, reductivist proposals to a more richly layered vision rendering his personal sensibility. In addition to pursuing abstraction, Marín also works in [...]

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